Square Enix finally announced the North American release date for I am Setsuna, their upcoming RPG title from the new Tokyo RPG Factory studio.

The date for the game’s release will be July 19th for the Playstation 4 and the PC, according to a press release posted today. Square Enix also released a teaser trailer for I am Setsuna, pulling for nostalgia points with moody voice over urging players to “relive the glory” of old-school RPGs by celebrating what made them great. 

The trailer itself shows off mostly character and background art, most of which has been shown previously by Tokyo RPG Factory. 

The story of I am Setsuna will follow the adventures of Setsuna a woman who has been tasked to make an ultimate sacrifice to protect her land and her people. Accompanied by a group of bodyguards, Setsuna will embark on a journey to a faraway land, in hopes that her quest will save the world. The player will primarily control Endir a mercenary who is tasked to be one of the bodyguards of Setsuna. One of the main themes in I am Setsuna, according to Tokyo RPG Factory, is sadness; in fact, the name Setsuna is based off the Japanese world “setsunasa”, which means “sorrow.”

ATB Makes a Return!

ATB Makes a Return!

Square Enix is promising that I am Setsuna will be a nostalgic throwback to the “golden era of JRPGs”, most notably naming Chrono Trigger as a major influence in the game’s combat system. 

This will be the first title released for the Tokyo RPG Factory, which was revealed to the public at last years E3. The new studio is tasked by Square Enix to create new role-playing games for Square Enix in the future. Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda noted in his address at E3 last year that ““RPGs are a major part of the Square Enix legacy,” and that the continuation of that ideal with I am Setsuna will pave the way for more RPGs from the company. 


So what do you think of this news? Are you excited about I am Setsuna? Leave your comments below. 


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