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A few weeks ago, the “little girl simulator” known as Yohjo Simulator seemed to disappear from the Steam Store. Little explanation was given, but complaints listed in the reviews seemed to indicate the game may have been removed due to alleged content violations. Yohjo Simulator’s publishers, Sekai Project, finally released a statement Monday on the removal of the game. In the statement, Sekai Project confirmed that the game was removed for the objectionable content, with one scene in particular they deemed “in poor taste”. Sekai Project implies they were behind the removal, apologizing to Steam users and customers for the games release. The publisher claims they had not “discovered” the content when they reviewed the game.

However, they say they will work with the development team, DEADFACTORY, to remove the scene in question along with any scenes and content resembling it. They promise the game will be re-released and the mechanics will be unaffected, and they hope to insert more content and improve the quality of the game for its new release. Sekai Project says they also received many complaints about a lack of content in the game. 

yohjo simulator screenshot

The purported scene that Yohjo Simulator was pulled for.

While Sekai Project did not specify the exact scene in their statement, it is assumed to be an Easter Egg depicting the body of a child (resembling the player character) with a male character and pair of underwear. Screenshots demonstrate that users could manipulate this scene, much like the rest of the game. Sekai Project also did not specify what other similar scenes may be removed, nor did they give a timetable for the re-release. DEADFACTORY hasn’t released an English statement, though some Tweets related to Yohjo Simulator were made in Japanese. 

Some community members on the Yohjo Simulator Steam page has drawn comparisons between the pulling of Yohjo Simulator and the decision by Koei Techmo to not import Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. Sekai Project’s decision, similarly, will only affect the Western Steam release of Yohjo Simulator. 

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  • Derp Minos

    It actually also affect Steam Japanese customers too…

  • scemar

    Another case of a company putting more importance in random negative noise than the relevant opinion of its potential customer base.
    What a generic PR response, but what’s surprising is that it’s coming from a small niche company instead of a big mega corporation.

    I wonder how they’ll treat other things they personally find “poor taste” in many of the games they’ve already committed to localizing though.

    In this case it was a minor easter egg in the game, one that doesn’t really matter but there’s similar content that’s essential to the plot or character developments in VN’s. And we all seen the deal about censosrhip, either everything’s ok or eventually nothing is ok.

  • Serathis

    What do you do in Yohjo Simulator? Only saw running.

  • Dereshi

    You run and headbutt stuff with silly physics.

  • Dereshi

    It’s just a joke, however, an inappropriate one for a game rated for all-ages.
    So I don’t see this as being any different than what Sekai normally does with 18+ games like Nekopara.

    They remove the inappropriate content. ^^

  • scemar

    That’s a good point.
    It was inconsistent with its rating.

  • Robert Grosso

    How many complaints were there about it in being poor taste? Do you know?

    I have a feeling that was the company putting the relevant opinions of its potential customer base first.

  • scemar

    Considering that the people complaining about it were also complaining about the outfit of the girl, or the fact that it was a girl, and it’s the same crowd always complaining about things of that type it’s a joke to think they’re their base at all.
    I’d even throw in a bet and say $100 all of them gave it a negative review, refunded it, and only bought it because they got triggered and had to let the world know.

  • AlienPickle

    ” Sekai Project says they also received many complaints about a lack of content in the game. ” Ok, so the game is a lame turd, typical greenlight bait. Maybe that’s the real concern here – more shoveled shit in the lemon market. Anyone who makes a comparison between this and DOA doesn’t know wtf they’re talking about. One is shovelware, the other is a AAA series. Shut up, sit down.

  • Nicki Ashley

    Well, irrelevant to the game, my thought is this. I hate censorship, and especially that of the SJW and feminist type (though religious censorship pisses me off just as much)… However, in this case, steam was not the ones who acted, the the company who produced the game did. So I can’t really be upset about it.

    If companies are going to start pussing out over criticism, they are in the wrong market. You either stand by your product, and say fuck the complainers, and serve the people who actually give a fuck about your product… Or you can be a bitch, and get a reputation as a pushover company that has no stones.

  • Derp Minos

    It’s not a game rated all age though. It was definitely supposed to be a 15+ game in Japan.

  • This is less about what they want but more what it takes to keep the game on steam after reports take it down.