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A romantic comedy visual novel about a girl named Mika Anderson who gets entangled in the affairs of incubi.

Seduce Me is an freeware otome visual novel–one that’s aimed primarily at women–made by Seraphim Entertainment.  It’s just gone up on Steam Greenlight after being successfully Kickstarted almost a year ago in March 2014.  The game received an $8,236 backing, a little more than double what they’d asked for, and had its full release today.  The developers are now aiming to push the game through Greenlight to gain reach to an even greater audience for their work.

The story of Seduce Me follows high school senior Mika Anderson who learns that she has just inherited her grandfather’s large estate.  She moves into the estate immediately at her parent’s behest and is greeted by five unconscious, injured (and attractive!) young men on the floor of her new home.  As they come to, they let her know that they’d been attacked and came here for shelter.

These five young men are incubi, demons who feed off the sexual energy of humans.  With no place to go from here, and a target sign on their rears, Mika offers her home to the young men in exchange for some help around the estate as it is pretty big.

But no good things last forever.  Why did these demons come here in the first place?  Who attacked the incubi in the first place?  Will the boys ever be able to leave?  Will you even want them to leave?

Seduce Me has a great host of features for a dating sim including full English voice acting, 9 romantic routes, 22 endings, unique CG Art, and a CG Art Gallery.  The game also has some interesting features like the ability to choose the name of the main character, a customizable GUI.  The game’s content was rated by the developers as being for people 16 and older and will be free-to-play.  Make sure you check it out on Greenlight and give it a thumbs up if it’s your sort of game.

Will you give “Seduce Me” a vote on Steam Greenlight?  Do you want to see more female-oriented visual novels on Steam?  Tell us in the comments section below!

Gina Awed

I play a lot of phone games nowadays because I'm a sucker for anything with a cute anime girl on it.

  • I suppose girls need to fap too

  • Jake Martinez

    I wonder if this is the first otome game on steam or not. I’ll tell my friend about this, she likes these kind of things.

  • Alex

    Thumbed it up.

  • GEhotpants101 .

    Although, I feel a little like I’m missing half the point, because I just want to know how the story ends, and don’t care one way or another how sexy the mens are. (Just an added bonus for me. I used to play really raunchy dating sims and have casual discussions about them with my roommate, though….so there’s that…)

  • Anonymoose

    Now look here. This is true equality. A game made for women with (what I imagine) no attempts to draw in a male audience. If only all games could be allowed to market itself to whatever demographics they wanted without fear of being told they are not inclusive enough.

  • TheSharpeful

    As a cis misogynist racist nazi patriarchal homophobe type of person, also known as a gamer, I won’t be voting this for greenlight because I’m not interested in playing it :/

    And that’s what greenlight is, a gauge to evaluate player interest. So, no I won’t be skewing the stats.

    I do hope all my fellow players who are interested in playing jump right in on this 😉 If there’s an honest interest, they’ll make it!

  • Shadepariah

    oh boy now we just need to get a kickstarter for diabolik lovers going:

    *cough* puts that grey thing to shame if you ask me.

  • I’ve played a couple otome games. While obviously I prefer games aimed towards men, these can be fun too. Hakuoki was, at any rate. So was Hatoful Boyfriend, in a really messed up way. :V

  • yanderenightmares

    Ill play it even if it sounds kind of cheesy. I would definitely like to see more otomes on steam.

  • Sil

    Hatoful Boyfriend was an absolute masterpiece, but I really like birds so I’m biased in that way.