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False Equivalency might be one of the most prevalent logical fallacies that I see on the internet. For the uninitiated, false equivalency is a logical fallacy where someone making an argument draws (or attempts to draw) a comparison from one event to another to back up their argument despite the events having nothing in common. It can also be applied to comparisons between any person, place, or thing. For example, a false equivalency would be saying, “Mixed Martial Arts should be banned from the United States because Jon Koppenhaver beat up Christy Mack.”

Ben Kuchera’s article that I spoke about attempted to draw a false equivalency both between Aliens: Colonial Marines and Alien: Isolation, and between all pre-order games and Aliens: Colonial Marines. I understand that folks got burned by the antics of Gearbox (myself included), but honesty needs to be brought to that situation. Gearbox screwed up. There’s a reason why there is currently a class action lawsuit from Sega taken out against them. The situation looks as if there was very clear deception on the part of Gearbox at worst. At best, Gearbox’s left hand does not know what the right is doing. Neither inspires confidence from a consumer’s point of view.

In my opinion, I think that there is a bit of a love affair between larger video game sites and Gearbox. From my perspective, it comes from Anthony Burch and his time at Destructoid. As we’ve seen, there’s almost no doubt that he made plenty of friends, and friends in Game Journalism often times can free you from criticism. We’ve seen that with Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, and others. To the outside observer, blame for Colonial Marines is very much to be on Gearbox’s shoulders, because they were the ones who created the game. Could the contractor, Sega, possibly have put in more oversight? Yes, but classicaly more oversight can cause problems in the development cycle.

This man does not run Activision, despite what some would suggest.

This man does not run Activision, despite what some would suggest.

Either way, using Colonial Marines as the be-all, end all example of how bad pre orders can be or trying to equate it to Isolation (which is only related in franchise) is either foolish or a calculated bit of doublethink. Considering Kuchera’s checkered past, I pray that it’s understandable as to why I would think it’s the latter and not the former. As far as I can tell, Kuchera is attempting to paint the gaming market as a devil behind the curtain. It’s a common tactic we see from internet personalities like Joe Vargas and Jim Sterling to strawman as opposed to tackling the issue honestly. It’s easier to think that Sega is run by Victor Von Doom and it sees the gaming community as its Reed Richards. It’s also wrong.

Bobby Kotick is not Emperor Palpatine. Peter Moore is not Norman Osbourne. You want to know the type of people who work at companies like EA or Activision. People like you, the reader. People like the internet celebrities that you watch on Youtube or follow on Twitter. I myself have worked for major corporations in the past, and have seen that the people who work in the call centers, executive offices, and so forth are just regular joes with different pay scales. There are no Satanic rituals, sacrificed goats, or secret armies. It’s people working to make money, just like anyone else with a job. Not exactly romantic, but it’s reality.

To close this out, let me say this. I think that the work of Ben Kuchera, Matt Lees, Patricia Hernandez, Leigh Alexander, and most mainstream video game writers is rubbish. Beyond that, I think that their blatant anti-free market and anti-diversity agendas are, as they like to say, toxic. They’re toxic to free and equal societies, and we saw these sort of Marxist ideologies not just do damage to people on a personal level throughout history, but destroy entire nations. It’s a frightening ideology. From their perspective though, we were always at war with Eurasia. We’re far beyond the point where we can just assume idiocy. These ideas are calculated, and the only way to stop them from spreading is simple.

The water that puts out the fire of a lie is the truth. Also, to the future of the Chicken Alfredo culture!

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