Images of the rumored Kraken in Sea of Thieves have been leaked on multiple places (such as ResetEra) as reported by Eurogamer. Additionally, a new crew size of 3 is available to prevent griefing with the brig mechanic according to PCGamesN.

One of the rumored adversaries in Sea of Thieves was a classic of seafaring adventures: the Kraken. Often depicted as a tentacled beast that ensnares unfortunate ships on the open waters, we now have some visual confirmation of what exactly it looks like. Besides our header image, here are a couple more shots from the ResetEra post:

The black smudge on some images is a crude counter-measure to anti-leak technology placed in the game. A floating code dances around on the screen while you’re playing in the beta, and this particular user elected to take photographs of the screen and simply paint over the code with an image editor.

Kraken attacks will be unpredictable in Sea of Thieves, but you’ll have a little warning with the water below you turning murky and bubbling. Should you come across another ship under attack, you can elect to take advantage of the situation or help them fend off the gigantic beast. The creature may have further integration into the plot & mechanics of the game after its release including a company that specifically rewards players who hunt down this dangerous monstrosity.

Aside from the escapades of terrible tentacled terrors, an anti-griefing change is making their way into the game. Ships have a “brig” mechanic where three out of four crew members can vote to lock up a troublesome player in the brig. The brig can only be escaped by being released by the rest of the crew or leaving the game entirely. It was intended as an anti-trolling measure, but groups of three players would lock up the fourth random member of their crew so they could keep the ship to themselves. As a result, a new three-person crew option is being made available to prevent this issue.

If you’re one of the lucky few who can play Sea of Thieves in the beta, the scale test for the game is going on right now for the Xbox One.

What do you think of the Kraken? Do you think the crew size changes will prevent brig abuse? Let us know in the comments below!

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