Batman may be broken and recalled on PC, but at least we have indie games and developers working hard to deliver functional projects each and every day. On Saturdays, they even share some screenshots with us. So it is every week with the Screenshot Survey, where we showcase five of the most interesting story from the world of indie developers, may they be working on mobile, fighting through Steam Greenlight, or just experimenting with a game jam. Let’s begin!

One of the few genres that hasn’t yet reached mass market appeal on PC and mobile is the rhythm game. Perhaps we’re all sill burnt out from the plastic instrument era, but there have been few attempts outside of the world of Nintendo to progress this genre. Eternal Symphony looks to innovate with a JRPG take on gameplay that might seem familiar to fans of Game Freak’s HarmoKnight. It is certainly one way to go about integrating touch controls to a more traditional setting, much like how You Must Build A Boat combines dungeon crawling and match three.

Spiders return to the Screenshot Survey in this short GIF from the early in production puzzle RPG Cassus. The protagonist of this game seems to be a distant relation of the Prince of All Cosmos, complete with strange headgear and a flowing cape. He also wields a hammer, which I imagine he will use to squash the spider that is attacking him. Which seems like an overreaction to me. Why can’t they just be friends instead?

From the wonderfully named Squishy Games comes Rogue Invader, a self described 1-bit isometric roguelike where you take space marines out onto one of twelve unique alien worlds. The equipment screen shown here reminds me heavily of the Chainsaw Warrior games, which is a good start if you want to evoke an era where video games were way into homages of tabletop settings. Much like Strawberry Cubes from a few weeks back, this is a game going for a very unique style that you just don’t see anymore. It just hit Greenlight a few days ago, so if you like what you see, click the game’s name above and give it a vote!

RymPow is also a great name for a developer. They’re working on Pixwing, a mobile game that defies the graphics expectations of those gamers who don’t check out the App Store for their latest purchases. The environments and backgrounds look stunning, like a better 3D Sonic world than the ones in Sonic Jam or Sonic 3D Blast. It’s just great to see a mobile game that doesn’t look like a flash game I played ten years ago, one filled with style that took actual effort to achieve. Hopefully this one comes to Android so I can take a look.

Finally, we go from mobile games to web based games in the newly formed impressive despite their platform collection. Wizards of Prestige is a game where you run a wizarding school. Besides the monsters like the one above, you’re mainly looking at cute pixel students moving from class to class. The models for the characters and the monsters look great, especially for something that shares interface similarities to Farmville. The game will actually hit mobile as well as the web, and is currently looking for beta testers which might be fun if you’re looking for a mixture of Harry Potter and The Sims.

That’s it for this week! What are the best games you saw on Twitter or elsewhere? Can spiders also wield hammers against their enemies? Do wizards prestige once they hit level 60? Answer these questions or don’t in the comments below!

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