We did it! We survived E3 2015. We witnessed the reemergence of legends, the fulfillment of promises, and some of us even survived the PC Gaming Show. Now, Screenshot Survey is back with a new collection of tweets from the indie developers who are working long nights to bring us the latest and greatest new games to buy during the Steam sale. Let’s begin!

First off, here is Doko Roko. First featured last month here on the Screenshot Survey, I wanted to bring the game back just to show off the crisp action being displayed in this GIF. I’m not sure what makes the giant swords in this game excite me more than the mostly annoying giant swords in Final Fantasy. I can’t even say it’s the lack of guns in these swords, because I would be most excited if this little guy were to launch a Marvel vs. Capcom-style laser blast from that blade he’s lugging around. I will consider my eclectic tastes and get back to you all.

From a fantasy warrior fighting for his life to a cool dude rocking out in the desert. Hordelicious is a Crimsonland-style top-down shooter featuring a few unique weapons, such as the guitar pictured above. On the game’s Twitter page, the developer also shows off a toaster and a barbecue gun to dispatch foes, as well as an array of new melee weapons he’s just added in. Hordelicious is rapidly approaching a premiere on Steam Greenlight, so be on the lookout if you like killing countless foes with perfectly heated bread.

AAA gaming may have left the arcade racer far behind them, but indie developers have our back with the burgeoning genre of nostalgia racers that Horizon Chase fits into. The game will be a portable affair, but in this case that doesn’t bother me too much. The graphics in general are gorgeous, beating out many purely 3D racers thanks to its weaponized style. I may be more inclined to go to Power Drive 2000 or Drift Stage just due to where I play games, but more games are always welcome in this genre.

Next, it’s Super Tower Escape from Mad Wizard Studios. I chose this one after having a long and hard look at the five characters that have gathered above this chasm of gems. There is a very Super Time Force and/or Not A Hero vibe going here, and each one is bizarre in wonderfully different ways. You have a shirtless bloke who’s torso is about 1/3rd minigun. You have a black man with SMGs cosplaying as a Ninja Turtle. There is also a female version of The Monarch, a man who really, REALLY likes magnets, and then the guy in the middle seems like an exhausted leader wondering why he got partnered with this group of weirdos. I’ll be keeping up with this game to see if any of my imagined personalities were on the mark.

Finally, here is a shot from Dark Flame, an indie game hoping to launch up the charts of the Square Enix Collective starting tomorrow. I like how big the sprites are in this one, both of the protagonist and of the huge obstacles he is dodging. The game also definitely has a Symphony of the Night thing going on, which is of course all the rage these days. Still, competition is always good, and we’ll see if the game can stand out from the more well known counterparts as the weeks go on.

Have you seen any new indie games in the past two weeks? Anything at E3 on the indie side catch your fancy? Do you know how much money “two bits” is supposed to be? Answer these questions and more in the comments below!

Alex Santa Maria

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