It’s Saturday, and that means it’s time for another Screenshot Survey. Every week, we take a look at a few cool new games in the works by game developers tweeting with #ScreenshotSaturday. For even more games you might be interested in, check out this hashtag on Twitter.

This week we bring you images from open-world action games, sushi restaurant life simulation, 2D classic hack-and-slash, and musical action adventures. Also all of these games have something in common, and that something is a hastily thrown together theme of furries that I settled on about halfway through this article. So this one is for you, ya costumed weirdos.


Lets start today off with a beautiful little jaunt in the woods. Pine is an upcoming open-world game where you play as a human that teams up with factions of anthropomorphic animals such as fox, moose, crocodiles, and more. Along the way you’ll fight them and help them with various problems. The screenshots show off some of the villages you’ll be seeing in the game, each likely home to a different faction.

Announced back in 2017, Pine is one of the games that managed to get on Steam using its Greenlight system. It’s also a Kickstarter success story, managing to make €121,480 of a €120,000 goal. It was also given a spotlight during the Nindies Spring Showcase this year, where it originally was supposed to come out some time in August. With a “big announcement coming soon,” it seems likely that you won’t have to wait long to get Pine in your hands.

Pine is set to come out sometime in 2019 on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Rolling Hills

Combine sushi store management, Animal Crossing life sim and animal people, and some light RPG elements. What do you get? Rolling Hills. More specifically, you get a little .gif of the Rolling Hills character creation screen, which is also pretty awesome.

I actually got a chance to try a demo of Rolling Hills back at the East Coast Games Conference, and it was easily one of my favorites at the show. Creating sushi almost felt like a turn-based combat segment, with having to use abilities that cost effort so I could make the sushi taste better. It was also hilarious, and I laughed at least three times thanks to the puns. That’s three more times than I normally laugh.

Rolling Hills is set for release some time in 2020 for currently unknown platforms.


Want to be a little soldier that runs around fighting things? Want those things you’re fighting to be kobolds, which are apparently dog people? Have I accidentally created a theme for this Screenshot Survey that I’m going to stick to now? Yes, yes, and yes. Let me introduce you to Souldiers.

Looking vaguely like it belongs in the same world as the classic Ghosts ‘n Goblins, there’s some fantastic pixel art and action gameplay going on here. While there may not be too many details on the game yet, I’m already really excited for this one. Hopefully the high quality will continue through the games development.

Also, as a random aside when I was doing some searching on this game, shout out to TechRaptor author (and normal Screenshot Survey writer) Austin Suther for being cited on the Wikipedia page for Soulja Boy.

Souldiers does not currently have a release date or platform, but you can check out its official website for more information.

Figment: Creed Valley

Finally we got Figment: Creed Valley which has you playing as… I mean, I think it’s a cat man? It may be a man in a cat suit? Look, I picked a theme halfway through this article and decided I was going to stick with it, and Figment: Creed Valley looks fantastic so here we are. It’s vaguely an anthropomorphic animal. Look at that jester though.

The sequel to Figment, which you can read our absolutely glowing review of here, Figment: Creed Valley sees all new oddities for you to deal with. Such as that Jester. Voiced by a pair of Danish punk-rock singers, the Jester looks to be an impressive new enemy. Also his singing voice is great.

Figment: Creed Valley will be available some time in 2019.

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