Happy Sunday and happy October readers! Plenty of great big releases coming down the pipe all this month, but don’t let that dissuade you from checking out the smaller games you’ll be playing in the future. Every Saturday, indie developers share their works in progress, and I scour through to find the most interesting and overlooked stuff to present to you here. This is the Screenshot Survey, your time is up, its time is now.

Minesheeper. Much like Bulletstorm, it seems like the name of a game that should have already been released long ago. Something that would just inevitably happen. Somehow, it took all the way to 2015 for someone to decide that what the Windows favorite needed was sheep mascot. However, we go one step further here, as they are not only sheep, they are dieselpunk sheep on a flying battleship. With homing mines. With Finesweeper already releasing early this year, we may even be on the verge of a full on Minesweeper renaissance. We shall see.

Next up on the Screenshot Survey, this is Dynabrick a game with beautiful pixel art about a robot whose actions ripple out to affect the alien ecosystem where it has found itself. The game is currently up on Steam Greenlight, where it has a hilarious trailer that sets the tone and explains exactly what is going on.


A grundle cave is no place to set up a lasting homestead after all! I really like the art style, and I feel like the game’s message is a great counterpoint to the countless mining games out there nowadays. This could be a subversive little platformer when it comes out.

A quick check in with Domina as development continues. To answer the question posed in the tweet, I would probably have to vote for feature, as I don’t think there is a video game out there that couldn’t be improved by a blood propelled lion rocket. Perhaps as some sort of end of round celebration? Or a random enemy that has a ridiculously small percentage rate, a la Battlefield Hardline‘s special reload animations? Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water is what I’m saying. As for the game, still love the minimalist art and gore on display here, as well as some of the subtle improvements in the scene compared to previous weeks.

While we’re checking in with old favorites, let’s go back to Rain World and check in with a new environment for the slugcat to explore. The world here is intentionally muddy, but the lighting effects and weird angles on the terrain are lovely. I still remember stumbling my way through the demo at PAX East, and I assume that this is closer to the end than that demo was. We can only hope that the shadows above the slugcat don’t hide some sort of screeching bird ready to grab it to feed its young.

Finally, here is a screenshot from the spiritual successor to Mutant League Football known as Mutant Football League. Great work from the team’s legal department with that one. Anyway, we published an interview with one of the game’s developers last year, and are happy to report that the game is still on its way, aiming for an early 2016 debut. I have been eagerly awaiting the return of arcade sports, so I have high hopes for this update.

What games currently in development are you looking forward to? What would your reaction be when faced with a blood soaked lion hurdling towards you? Are you ready for some Mutant Football? Answer these questions or don’t in the comments below, and I’ll be back next week with another Screenshot Survey!

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