It is a mere matter of hours before another Summer Games Done Quick begins in earnest, so that can only mean it’s also time to come back to the Screenshot Survey and get it out for this week. I’ve been away for a little bit here, but nothing changed in my absence and it was as easy as ever to find new games and catch up with old favorites while scouring the most social of media. Let’s look at some tweets!

Longtime TechRaptor readers will remember MoonMan, which we published an offbeat interview about early this year. For those not already in the know, MoonMan is a procedural adventure where you have to explore an alien world as a rather happy green chap. Influenced by both Terraria and 16-bit platformers, the game has been quietly doing it’s thing for close to four years, and will be released later this year after a successful Kickstarter run. I’ve played several of these types of games in the past, but nothing has really nailed the sense of exploration that Minecraft has while also giving you a tangible goal. Here’s hoping that MoonMan cracks the code.

It is also worth mentioning that the creator promised in out interview that there will be plentiful spiders in the game. That is always a good thing.

Here is a game that more strictly sticks to Terraria‘s concepts. Crea is a 2D sandbox, but it has more technical flare. It also has a few cool concepts for tools, like the grapple gun shown off in the tweet and magic spells. Unlike most of the games today, Crea is already out on Early Access and looks to be putting out regular updates over the past two months. I’m still a little burnt out on the genre myself, but if I were to dig into a sandbox game at this point, Crea sure does look neat.

I have very fond memories of the prime years for the Xbox 360. I remember what a crazy innovation Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was, and I was of the right age that I was ready to grab whatever Activision could throw at me next. Of course, that next game was World at War, which was serviceable, but definitely not at memorable. It did have its main selling point though, which was Treyarch’s trademark fire effects.

That whole preamble is a long way of saying that fire that isn’t just a static fireplace in games is really neat. Wildfire takes that concept and runs with it, combing stealth with pyromancy to create an innovative playground to work with. Checking in again from out interview in April, I am already a fan of the burning I see on display here, and I hope that in the final game I can play through as stealthily as I normally play games. It’s stealthy to shoot machine guns into the air in victory right?

We briefly covered co-op board game DICETINY‘s Kickstarter campaign late last year. Since then, they gained alternative funding through investments and have worked to get the game out the door on Steam and mobile platforms. There are two things that drew me to the game this week. First is the wonderful stylized Conan the Barbarian character, which is one of those things that goes a long way for me personally. The other is their other Screenshot Saturday photo, which is included below.

DICETINYI mean, I could talk about the cool way that the game is combining trading cards and a board game, how the whole thing reminds me of Hearthstone for those of us who never ventured into the World of Warcraft, or how Mimics are always cool and that one has a really big mouth. But that image says it all. DICETINY has style.

This tweet was from last week, but I didn’t want to let the opportunity to talk about Curses N Chaos pass me by. Tribute Games are the makers of Wizorb and Mercenary Kings, which were both quite complex in their mechanics. Their next project looks to be a bit simpler, as it is a single screen 2D brawler. It’s One Finger Death Punch, but with divekicking knights. There is a lot of character in all the tiny sprites on display, and I have faith that this team can pull off the tight controls that this game requires alongside the excellent pixels.

But seriously. Look at that knight. That is awesome.

Have you seen a game in development posting new images on Twitter? How strong is that knight that he can divekick in a full suit of armor? Wouldn’t burning people alive be a very unstealthy way to infiltrate a location? Answer these questions and more in the comments below!


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