2015 has been a long year. I’ve just come to realize that as I look over what I’ve played, what I’m still looking forward to, and what games would rate the highest on my list. Games of all sizes are back in full force, whether they be small indie darlings or huge licensed playgrounds. It’s probably the first year since I’ve started writing about games where it feels like the years I remember from my youth, every week bringing something new, and huge experiences that I couldn’t even being to find the time for even then. This is my element, and I’m hopeful that this year is the start of something and not just a fluke. Judging by the games I look at on Screenshot Survey week in and week out, it looks like 2016 is going to be just as jam-packed with interactivity at its finest.

First, here’s a developer with a one-two punch of memorable branding for themselves and a killer concept for a new game prototype. Pun intended. Cyberjackers is a local multiplayer side scrolling hacking game that is one of three ideas that Shark Punch are currently working on before deciding their next project after releasing The Masterplan earlier this year. There isn’t really enough up yet for me to comment on the intended gameplay, but the characters on display are simply radical, bringing me back to what I imagined as I watched John Connor stealing money from an ATM with a digital typewriter. Add in some synthwave and more clever character names like [email protected], and you’ve definitely got something.

We stay in the future for a quick look at Citycrushers, a giant robot game that originated in the latest incarnation of the GBJam. The game’s artist, Thomas Noppers, has been streaming out parts of the process since then, mostly in terms of adding colors to the once monochromatic city. Having played the game jam version available on GameJolt and enjoying its simplistic charms, I would love to see what a more fleshed out version of the game would look like, or even just one with that beautiful color. I would also probably be remiss if I didn’t mention that Noppers has also just released a more substantive product in Penarium, so if you like the style here, that might be worth checking out as well.


Leonard Game is the working title for a dog based platformer that takes place sometime in the future, as I know we don’t have drones that look that complicated yet. What drew me in to this one was its strange style, with polygonal figures that were both a callback to the Playstation days and yet more refined than anything that console could put out in its time. Second Lunch Studios hopes to launch the game on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight later this year, so we’ll see if the gameplay can match up to the impressive ascetic on display.

We return to some robot based mayhem with Dual Core, an arena shooter currently in development for mobile platforms. The game seems fully featured, and the models seem to have some cell shading to them, making them pop in a way you don’t see often in dedicated phone games. Or at least I don’t, as games like this would probably melt the Droid Ultra I’m still rocking. In any case, it’s always nice to see the progression of the mobile marketplace with cool titles such as this.

We end with a bit of a non-sequitur, as this is technically a screenshot for a website, but I couldn’t help myself. Ultimatewalrus.com is a portfolio that would only exist in the game’s industry. It comes fully featured with background music, transitional animations, and even a few secrets to unlock. I’m surprised it seems like such a novel concept, but I had a blast just navigating the site in a way that feels so much better than the Flash based web portal monstrosities of my youth. If you’re just interested in games, you can check out Beat Bros. which is already past Steam Greenlight and on its way to the service proper.

What games currently in development are you looking forward to? Should more developers bring back the day of interactive websites, or is following on Twitter enough of a hassle? How many cities will be left standing after the giant robots start crushing in full force? Answer these questions and more in the comments below and join us next week for another Screenshot Survey!

Alex Santa Maria

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