Welcome to the Screenshot Survey, where we’re closing out September with some club wielding cavemen, some boosting helicopters, and even more games deriving from Castlevania. We’ve hit a bit of a lull when it comes to AAA game releases, but if you can tear yourselves away from Mario Maker, MGSV, or the Rainbow Six Siege Beta, here are a few reminders that the indie scene is ever chugging along with interesting new games and concepts.

First off, let’s check in with There Was a Caveman, a prehistoric platformer that we covered about a year ago with both a To The Green and an interview with the developer. The game is nearing the finish line after clearing Greenlight in short order, aiming for a release before the end of the year. It’s a very smooth looking pixel platformer that I’m looking forward to trying out myself soon. The developer is not resting on his laurels though, as he already has next project up for Greenlight consideration. It’s titled Bacon Rebellion, and it’s basically one of those top down arena shooters, only with a herd of pigs opposing you instead of your standard undead foes. Looks like a promising sophomore effort with the same great pixel style.

Bombernauts is an online multiplayer game in the style of Bomberman that is currently in Steam Early Access. They’re adding new features all the time since the game’s July debut, but the core gameplay on display now is solid, as are the voxel block explosions going off just like the one in the image above. The game is $10 and includes a spare copy for a friend at the moment, ensuring that you have someone to blow stuff up with. They also have a level editor with hints of future Steam Workshop support. Considering that Konami are the current keepers of theĀ Bomberman IP, games like Bombernauts are probably our only chance to see new developments in that unique style, and perhaps one day surpassĀ Saturn Bomberman.

Here’s an early look at a sharp and colorful new adventure from the same developer as the recently released platformer INK. It is currently known only as FaraWay, and it seems to share a similar painting ascetic with INK. I love all the different colors on that boar, as well as the Dragon Ball Z-style energy it produces as it charges into the player character. The game looks like it’s off to a great start, and we’ll hopefully see a lot more of this project for future Screenshot Surveys.

Another week, another game inspired by Castlevania. This is Jack B. Nimble , an endless whipper with Game Boy inspired graphics that is currently available on iOS with a future PC release. The game is being developed by Sean Noonan when he’s not working on Star Citizen. I love all the different layers to the backgrounds in this game, it reminds me of late-model Super Nintendo stuff. I also like that it’s something a bit different from the Bloodstaineds of the world, while obviously keeping to that same aesthetic. Definitely a game to check out in between your more hardcore vampire slaying adventures.

Last, but certainly not least, here is Atmocopter, a missile dodging adventure starring a cute little propeller bot. This game comes to us from unTied Games, who have also released Star Reaction to Android devices and PC via Itch.io. For what looks to be the studio’s second project, I’m really digging what is being presented here, with great sprite work and fast-moving gameplay. Another game early in development that I’ll have to check in on from time to time.

That’s it for this week’s Screenshot Survey! What are some games that you know of in development that you’d like to see more about? What will next week’s Castlevania-like game be? Were there ever two cavemen? Or only the one? Answer these questions or don’t in the comments below!

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