Football is upon us! Super Mario is 30 years old! Everyone has something to celebrate today, including me, as I get another week’s worth of Screenshot Saturday posts to scroll through and share with you all. A few games with updates this week, as well as a couple of brand new titles to look over. What are we waiting for? It’s Screenshot Survey time!

First up, here is Domina, which we last saw in the Screenshot Survey just last month. However, last month was just showing off the spear weapon’s base attacks. The GIF today really shows what the spear can do as it knocks a gladiator’s head clean off and gets pixel blood everywhere. Unless I’m mistaken, the protagonist of this GIF seems to be at the end of a killing spree as well, which is understandable considering how easily these people are getting beheaded. I look forward to seeing many more battles before this game is out.

Here is a shot from Neighborhorde, a top down local multiplayer twin stick free for all which features cute animal characters and a strange arsenal of weapons. Not just strange for animals to be using like the boomerang up above, but downright radical weapons like guitars that shoot energy blasts. Guitars that are wielded by green deer even! The official website makes it seem like development is just going into full tilt, so I’ll certainly be keeping my eye out for more in the months ahead.

Back in June , I got my first look at Slain!¬† and its amazing idle animations. Since then, the game’s Steam page has gone up, but the wonderful animations haven’t changed in the slightest. The eye is initially drawn to the glowing blue axe, but then you look slightly to the right and there we go. That is one bloody skeleton right there, and he appears to be guarding some sort of soul cauldron. The game will be getting a solid release date this Thursday, but baring any delays it should be in our hands in late October or early November. Considering what I’ve seen so far, this is one indie game that I’ll be making room for during AAA season.

Also in June, I looked at Dark Flame, and we have been covering the game ever since, including a recent developer interview and a To The Green on the title. The game has been greenlit since then, but it is still seeking both a publisher and funding to get to the finish line. With that in mind, a Kickstarter of the game will be launching on October 1st, so be sure to follow along on Twitter if you want to support the game going forward. Till then, I’ll keep my eye of the tweets for more great animations like this.

Of course, not every animation has to be fancy. Some animations can be charming instead. Here is an animated portrait from Spacejacked, a fast paced action game that has you managing several different screens as you blast aliens. The gameplay trailer reminds me a bit of the Mario Bros. arcade game, although that just might be me having Mario on the brain.

I really like the fact that you can walk upside down as well. Not enough space games mess around with zero gravity stuff. The game will be available later this year, but a demo is currently available on Steam if you just can’t wait.

That’s it for another Screenshot Survey! What games currently in development do you have your eye on? Dead Space did zero gravity stuff, but that’s the only other game I can really think of. Are there more? How many Castlevania games can the market hold? Why are there no Mighty Bomb Jack clones on the horizon? Answer these questions or don’t in the comments below!

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