NoScope’s ‘Orion’ glasses offer adequate, affordable competition to the industry giant Gunnar. Watching the winning strike of a Dota 2 tournament, you might spy the warring teams wearing a pair of yellow-tinted glasses. Those aren’t fashion statements, they help reduce strain on the eyes caused by computer screens. Given the growing barrage of brightly lit screens we look at every day, from television to cell phone, computer to tablet, and now even our watches, investing in a pair couldn’t hurt. The market has become synonymous with the name Gunnar, a high price brand of protective eye wear. No Scope, looking to muscle some of that market for themselves, comes out with ‘Orion”, a quality product at a fraction of the cost. Where Gunnar glasses can go up to $99.99, a pair of Orions cost you $19.99 But fears of a lower quality to come with the lower cost can be settled. The Orion glasses work, and they work well. IMG_20141007_222914 The greatest difference between NoScope and their reference brand rival Gunnar is that Gunnar chooses to implement magnification in their lenses, where as NoScope does not, helping to drive down the cost. If no magnification is a deal breaker, these aren’t the glasses for you. Having no magnification however, means you could wear these glasses for hours on end without worry of headaches, dry eyes, or any feelings of soreness in your eyes. The purpose of these glasses is for long sessions of computer use, and during my time with them, I noticed a change in how my eyes felt between when I had them on, and when I didn’t. The Orions shape works well for headphones, and the glasses come packaged with a carrying bag and cleaning cloth. Orion No Scope Headphones The green-yellow tint on the glasses can cause some colors to show up slightly askew, while others show no change. The black-grey and green of our own site seemed mostly unchanged in hue, while /v/’s light blue background seemed off. Orion Glasses I was expecting the build quality to be nothing to write home about, and even still it wasn’t as sturdy as I would prefer, it felt fragile. However its aviator design and sleek look kept me from being too upset about that. Its super light weight made me forget I was even wearing them at times. NoScope’s Orion glasses were a useful product I didn’t know I wanted. They work well in reducing eyestrain while staying affordable. Competition is always a good thing for consumers, and Gunnar may have a harder sell when NoScope sells a competitive product at nearly 1/3 the cost. For more information, or if you are interested in purchasing your own, you can go here to the NoScope website (Affiliate Link).




With a sleek design, non magnification, and effective eye protection, the Orion is everything the average consumer could need from Gunnar, at a fraction of the cost.

Bryan Heraghty

Staff Writer

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