Nintendo hosted a Direct presentation in Japan yesterday, announcing yet another crossover into the Monster Hunter world: Metroid’s hero, Samus.

The video shows two costumes: Samus’s Varia Suit and Zero Suit. It’s unclear yet if the costumes themselves will have any unique features, but the video seems to indicate that the Varia Suit at least will have alternate sound effects.


There will also be a Metroid-themed weapon for the game: Samus’s Blaster. With the Varia Suit, this weapon is cleverly animated to appear to expand from the smaller version at Samus’s arm, though the fact that she’s walking around with it strapped to her back somewhat shatters that illusion. This weapon also has some alternate Metroid-esque sound effects to go with it that go perfectly with the suit’s. Zero Suit Samus’ whip was not shown in the video, so it looks like it won’t be present as of yet.


Samus is only the latest Nintendo character to join Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Earlier this year, Capcom announced Mario and Luigi for the game’s Felyne companions, as well as a Link costume complete with Master Sword and Hylian Shield for the player. Sega more recently jumped into the fray with a Sonic the Hedgehog skin for the player’s Felyne, which can even be equipped with the sword from Sonic and the Black Knight.



With a few months left until the game’s release, there’s plenty of time left for Capcom to announce even more crossovers. Who else would you like to see hunt monsters, and why is it Kirby?

Adam Sparks

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