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Three years ago Samsung unveiled the first in their line of “phablet” phones, bringing a previously unheard of 5in screen. What started as throwing innovation at the wall and seeing what sticks, turned into one of their most successful products. Three years and three phones later, Samsung announces the Galaxy Note 4. The Note 4 looks mostly the same as the Note 3, with a 5.7 in AMOLED display. But unlike the 3, the Note 4 rocks a quad HD display. Apps can now be placed into split screen (making that extra screen real estate come in handy), or you can shrink one app and let it hover over another ala the minimize video function within the youtube mobile app. The thin metal band than surrounds the phone, combined with the leather backing makes this a much more premium looking device than previous devices. Samsung phones have often been criticized as cheap looking for their love of boring plastic, so this is a step in the right direction. The phone comes in Black, White, Bronze, and Pink. The S-Pen makes a return, and Samsung is boasting that the Note 4 has double the pressure sensitivity of the previous Note 3.

Note 4-5

The Note 4 brings a 16 megapixel camera with image stabilization in the back and a 3.7 megapixel camera facing front. Taking a page from Galaxy S5’s handbook, the Note 4 also features a heart rate sensor and finger print scanning. Also coming with the new phone are 3GB of ram, 32Gb of expandable storage (via microSD) and two versions to chose from; quad core or 8 core. The phone runs of Android 4.4.4 Kitkat.


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  • Tony McModeNut

    Must. Not. Order. One. Immediately. Nnngh.

  • Dr Dub

    I’ve had the Note 2 and have a Note 3 now. I used to have an iPad and a Galaxy S2 but I found myself always using the S2. The phone was always about my person and therefore I couldn’t be bothered to go find the iPad.

    So I sold the iPad and S2 and bought a Note 2 which satisfied both roles. I haven’t looked back. I believe the phablet is the future and will replace regular sized phones and the mini tablets. The full size tablets will just be laptop replacements with the phablet primarily filling the current tablet role as well as that of your phone.

    I swore that I was so happy with the Note 3 that I wouldn’t bother upgrading this year (I am on a sim-only deal so I buy a new handset with cash each year). However I am now tempted again grrrrrrr.

    At least I can sell my Note 3 for good money as they are always highly sought after. People in the office are always asking when I’m selling it!

    Just a pity that Samsung are rather naughty and try to rip off British buyers by restricting phones from other cheaper markets and then charging a premium for official UK units.

  • Bryan Heraghty

    I think the Edge is Samsung doing what they did with the Note and hoping for similar success. That is to say, trying random shit and seeing if people like it.

  • www

    Damn, that display, why phones now have higher res screens than my monitors?

  • Bryan Heraghty

    Your phone is usually much closer to your face than your monitor (hopefully), so it is easier to see the pixels when you are that close haha