The developers of RuneScape have now added the “Well of Goodwill” into the game, which players can now donate in-game gold to real world charities.

Game developer Jagex has graciously decided that with every ten million gold that RuneScape players donate to the “Well of Goodwill” they will in turn donate $1 to charity. Those charities include: The Internet Watch Foundation,Willow Foundation, SpecialEffect, Actions for Kids, and GamesAid.


Jagex went on to say that not only will this be great for the charities but for the economy of RuneScape as well.  The developers say, “The ‘Well of Goodwill’ will also act as a massive gold sink for the game: something we promised with the launch of Bonds, and which will have a huge impact on improving the games economy.”

This seems to be heading in the right direction with over 100 billion coins being donated already.

Dennis Rutledge

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