The action adventure game Okami is apparently looking to re-release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC as early as this December.

According to the Korean Ratings Board, which has accurately leaked video game information in the past, an HD port of Okami was rated and finalized today for all three platforms listed above. Based on Google Translate, the game will be called Okami Superb HD, but it is entirely possible that the game’s true name was lost in translation.

This information pairs well with a recent leak reported on by Kotaku three weeks ago which states that two different EU retail chains added Okami HD to their internal upcoming physical releases calendar. Both retail chains reportedly showed the game coming out on December 12, 2017.

Okami HD PS3 Gameplay

Some games are just undeniably beautiful. Okami is one of those games.

If these rumors are true, this wouldn’t mark the first time that there was an Okami HD. While the game was originally launched exclusively on the PlayStation 2 in 2006, it was later brought to the Wii in 2008 and the PlayStation 3 in 2012. The PS3 port also boasted the name Okami HD, so it will be interesting to see what visual upgrades Capcom will make to the game if it does come to current generation consoles and PC.

When Okami launched in 2006, it was met with overwhelming critical praise. The game has a Metacritic score of 93 on the PlayStation 2.

Quick Take

I’ve never had the pleasure of playing Okami, so I would love to see this game make its way to the PlayStation 4. Not very many games can say that they have been remastered for three consecutive consoles, so the game must be good for Capcom to go through the trouble of porting the game this many times.

Are you looking forward to a remastered Okami for current generation consoles? How do you think the game will sell if it comes out during the holiday season? Let us know in the comment section below!

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