A big rumor is claiming that No Man’s Sky is being delayed. 

The rumor began with Kotaku, who have reported two specific sources that have pointed to the current release date for No Man’s Sky, June 21st, as being moved. The first source was an anonymous insider that has claimed No Man’s Sky has been delayed slightly to later in the summer; July or August. The second source, which is a bit more credible, stems from an informant at Gamestop, who revealed new promotional material for the game but also showed off a major caveat to the promo material, as stated below.

“The release date for No Man’s Sky has changed since the provided posters were printed. Please use a coming soon pop-on to cover up the date and communicate as needed to your guest about the change of release.”

Photo Courtesy of Kotaku

Photo Courtesy of Kotaku

Whether or not the information is reliable is still unknown. At the time of this writing, websites and pre-orders for No Man’s Sky are still stating a June 21st release date, and at this time, both Sony and Hello Games have yet to make a statement regarding a release date change.

No Man’s Sky has been teased since 2013, and has spent nearly three years in development by the small team at Hello Games, and has been heavily pushed by Sony as a major title for the Playstation 4. 

We have contacted Hello Games and Sony for confirmation on this rumor. We shall update this story if new information is revealed. 

Quick Take

I really hope this is not true, basically. No Man’s Sky is so close to being released, and being one of my own personal anticipated games (and the only one besides Pokemon Sun and Moon to come out this year) it is a big deal that the game is getting a delay. Thankfully, all signs point to it being only a month or two, but even then, the question now is do we trust the anonymous source and evidence from GameStop, or no?

What do you think? Please leave your comments below. 

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