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Recently YouTuber OBE1plays was streaming Splatoon when journalist Laura Kate Dale entered the chat and starting talking to him. Eventually, he ended the stream to set up and broadcast a Skype call with Dale. The call was mostly the two answering questions viewers would pose in the YouTube chat and mostly had to do with the upcoming Nintendo Switch console. Again, before we dive into the information put forth by the two, these are rumors with only their word to go by, so make sure to have your grains of salt at the ready. Dale had also done a Reddit AMA on Dec. 26 answering a lot of the same questions and adding that the Switch would likely cost around $300, which would match previous rumors which have put it at $249 or $299 depending on version.

The Q&A session lasted around 30 minutes and led to quite a few new pieces of information being put forth, as well as adding more veracity to rumors already floating around. The rumors that were already out there, that were reconfirmed, were the USB-C port allowing for easy fast charging (which will be a must if Nintendo actually expects people to use the Switch in its portable mode), and that the IR pointer on the right Joy-Con that will allow for touch screen functions to be used while docked.

There will also quite a few new rumors, dealing with the system itself as well as games coming to the system. As for the functionality of the Switch itself, it will supposedly have a three-hour battery life when in portable mode with full clock speed. It was also stated that the left Joy-Con will have a record button for gameplay, which hopefully means Nintendo is finally realizing the internet is a thing and it can help them. As for peripherals, there will be no bundle that includes the Pro Controller, they will only be sold separately. The  Joy-Cons will be available separately at launch and Docks will be sold around six months after launch. Also at launch, the Switch will only come in one color, with a chance of colored Switches being sold after launch. The first bundle for the Switch will include 32GB of on board storage, with a Micro SD slot to expand 128GB.  A bit of a happy surprise is that it seems Nintendo will be ditching Friend Codes for the Switch, and also Dale seemed to hint at voice-chat news that OBE1 will be releasing a video on soon. Bluetooth will also be used with the Switch, but in what ways it is not currently known. On a related note, recent FCC filings revealed that the Switch would not include a removable battery, eliminating the possibility of upgrading it after launch.

As for games on the Switch, Dale stated there was basically no chance of Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to the system due to Nintendo and Rockstar’s rocky relationship, dating back to Rockstar North’s time as DMA Design. Overwatch was also brought up with Dale saying that it would not be there at launch and that it would need big changes to its Switch port because of the “always online” aspects of the game. Talking about Mass Effect: Andromeda, Dale said that due to Mass Effect 3 selling so poorly on the Wii U it was unlikely to come to the Switch. Lastly, Dale said to expect only around three GameCube games to be available on the Virtual Console at launch with more to come later, while confirming that her sources matched with what Eurogamer had said.

It was also said that you shouldn’t expect a delay for the Switch, so the March release date is basically set in stone. These rumors all seem plausible and match up with what we’ve already heard about the Switch, but we have to wait until the event in January to officially confirm any of this information. This also lines up pretty well with what I previously wrote about how Nintendo can give the Switch its best chance at being a success, which is encouraging to see.

What do you think of these new rumors? Do these new rumors make you more or less likely to want a Switch when it finally launches? Let us know in the comments!


Kyle Downey

Staff Writer

Staff Writer looking to keep you both informed and entertained. Favorite games include: Pokemon, Overwatch, Golden Sun, Portal, and Elder Scrolls.

  • Heresy Hammer

    “As for peripherals, there will be no bundle that includes the Pro
    Controller, they will only be sold separately.”
    This is a terrible idea.

    “The first bundle for the Switch will include 32GB of on board storage”
    Does nintendo understand that games are getting huge nowadays ? Granted this only applies for digitally downloaded games, and you should buy physical when possible, but 32GB is just unacceptable this late in the game.

  • Kyle Downey

    Having no bundle with a pro controller is definitely a crappy decision. As for the storage size, we still don’t know the impact the cartridge system will have with the games’ storage sizes, at least for when you buy the physical version. Hopefully they will make systems with larger storage down the line, it’s also possible the dock might have some kind of storage capability.

  • DEZn00ts_1

    So wait, when you buy the console doesn’t it come with a dock to play on the TV???????

  • Kyle Downey

    No, it’ll have one in the box when you buy it, but for like a replacement dock in case yours breaks or something, you’ll be able to buy it separately instead of having to buy the entire Switch again. Also i’d assume there might be special edition docks that could get sold as well.

  • DEZn00ts_1

    I’m thinking they will be using hardware acceleration at some point.

  • jaygerbomb

    Yeah, multiple docks would be handy in a multi-TV household.

  • Bitterbear

    The damn thing should have a slot for a M.2 ssd.

  • Casey

    “On a related note, recent FCC filings revealed that the Switch would not include a removable battery, eliminating the possibility of upgrading it after launch.”

    Fucking DEAL BREAKER! One day this battery will be dead and you’ll have no easy way to change it making this console absolutely USELESS in the future.

  • I wonder if the Switch will support external drives like the Wii U via USB. At least that way you could have some decent storage options.

  • Kyle Downey

    That would be a smart and useful thing, which means Nintendo probably won’t do it haha


    Only thing I’m surprised about was learning that Mass Effect 3 came to Wii U.


    There will always be third party repair sites. They take your devices and solder in new batteries. Things like shavers and most portable devices I’ve gotten ‘refurbished’ a few times over the years.

  • John Smith.

    The more I hear about the Switch, the less I find myself wanting one of them.

  • Kyle Downey

    What things are making you like it less?

  • John Smith.

    The short battery life, the fact that most games shown so far are old Wii U games, the lack of triple A games announced for it, the need to find and purchase sim cards for extra storage space and the whole mobile aspect of the console itself.

    It’s looks more like a fusion of a Wii U and a smartphone than an actual gaming console.

  • Zepherdog

    I’m more interested in their stance on censorship and any game release than hardware limitations that can be overcome; even if the battery is not easily removable it can and will get replaced at repair shops or you may be able to take the thing apart yourself like most smartphones. Also, as others say, cartridge games and docks may offer either better performance, newer hardware or external storage.

  • Kyle Downey

    Fair enough, I’m actually intrigued to see what Nintendo does with the hybrid nature of the Switch. As for battery life, luckily it’s USB-C so charging will be super fast. And yes the storage situation isn’t great, but we still don’t know if the cartridge games will let the games take up less space therefore negating the issue. And hopefully at the January event we see new games and third party title announcements

  • John Smith.

    A three hour battery life for a console whose main selling point is being portable at any time and anywhere is self defeating. You’re either going to have to find a electrical outlet every three hours or bring along a power bank to recharge it on the go.
    Which speaks wonders for their idea of bringing Pokémon Go onto the Switch.

  • Kyle Downey

    I can’t blame people who see the battery life as a problem. Personally, I think 3 hours isn’t too bad, especially with the fast charging USB-C allows. Also, like I wrote in the an article linked above, Nintendo should make battery pack cases, not only for protecting the system from drops, but also to help with battery life.

    Also, I don’t think anyone has said that Pokemon Go would be coming to the Switch, where did you hear that from?

  • John Smith.

    From this place:

    It’s just rumors now but I doubt Nintendo would pass up a success like this on the switch.

    Besides that, I am concerned about the growing demand for extra gear you need for the Switch on the move if you need to recharge.

    An USB cable plus AC adapter or a powerbank plus USB cable. If the aim is to make it mobile on a day to date basis you should not be dependent on extra junk just to keep it going.

  • Kyle Downey

    Looks like that site confused a Switch entry for the latest main Pokemon game for Pokemon GO, since they cite Eurogamer’s article about a potential “Pokemon: Stars” game for Switch.

    If you need a bunch of extra stuff, then yeah that’ll be dumb, but we still don’t know exactly what all comes with the system when you buy it, so you could only potentially need to buy a battery pack case if you wanted to, also another rumor that OBE1 put out is that the charge time is under 30min, which if true would be a pretty amazing charge time.

    Either way we’ll find out this week

  • John Smith.

    It would be an unbelievable charge time. Even my smartphone can’t charge up halfway in under one hour.

  • Kyle Downey

    Do you have USB-C? My Nexus 6P can charge from around 10% to full in like an hour and a half-ish, with advancements on the technology it’s not too far outside the realm of possibility