This afternoon at 3 PM EST PlayStation will be holding a conference, what they will be showing is still under wraps but some things we should be expecting are the leaked PlayStation 4 Slim, some more information about the PlayStation Neo, and maybe even a BioWare title. A list of things it could possibly be include: Mass Effect: Andromeda, a new Dragon Age title, or we might finally see the IP that BioWare Edmonton has been working on. At the moment though all of this is speculation based on the reactions and statements of some key members of BioWare.

Head of design and art at Edmonton, Alistair McNally, was the first to start the rumor mill tweeting the following

He then followed up this tweet by changing his twitter image to a Dragon Age related one. It wasn’t long before other BioWare employees began to suggest that this conference will be something special for them including Mac Walters, creative director at BioWare, Michael Gamble, producer of Mass Effect: Andromeda, and the game-play designer of Andromeda, Manveer Heir.

While the teases come from employees involved in both Dragon Age and Mass Effect: Andromeda, all work at the Edmonton location of BioWare, which is also where the new IP is being developed. On the 31st of August we heard from the head of EA Studios, Patrick Soderlund that they will be discussing their new IP relatively soon, and it was only early August that he said we’d get a first look at Andromeda gameplay in the not too distant future.

Though, before you leap to the forums to debate which game would be best for BioWare to show off remember that all there is to go on at the moment is four tweets from members of the BioWare Edmonton team, and the changing of a twitter profile. Something might be shown off, or nothing could be shown off.

Do you think that something will be shown off, or is this all an elaborate tease from BioWare? Which game do you want to see footage of first? Be sure to come back later and check out our coverage of the PlayStation Event.

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