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Yesterday, Rooster Teeth, the company behind Red Vs. Blue, announced that it would be branching out into the realm of video game publishing. Rooster Teeth has already developed and published their own game, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, last year, but Rooster Teeth Games will now begin looking for independent developers’ games to publish, starting with Invisible Collective’s Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars. 

Battlesloths 2025 is a local multiplayer twin stick shooter in a similar vein as Enter The Gungeon. In it you and up to three friends battle against a team of AI controlled sloths, with 20 different weapons at your disposal, four different game modes, and customizable battle settings. Invisible Collective’s Executive Producer, Randy Greenback, spoke about Rooster Teeth coming in as publisher saying, “It’s easy to see that Rooster Teeth embodies the spirit of the game in all they do. Their approach to entertainment, paired with their awareness of the current market, makes them the ideal publisher for Battlesloths.” Battlesloths 2025 will be available on Steam in Spring 2017.

As Rooster Teeth Games they will be offering first-party relations, marketing, distribution, and legal services, as well as “an end-to-end e-commerce merchandising and promotional solution.” After the success of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse they saw an opportunity to, as Rooster Teeth Games Director Michael Hadwin put it, “…bring a wide array of engaging and entertaining video games on all platforms to this community, and in turn introduce the indie developer to this thriving demographic.” Hadwin put a call out to indie developers saying:

We invite the aspiring, stellar, creative indie game developers around the world to contact Rooster Teeth Games and pitch their best content and games to us. We are eater to share access to the vast potential audiences within the Rooster Teeth community, and to publish and deliver new and exciting content to gamers worldwide, starting with Battlesloths.

It’s always good to see more avenues for more developers to see their visions for games open up. If you or someone you know is an indie developer looking for a shot they are currently accepting pitches.

What do you think of this decision? Are you interested in Battlesloths 2025? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Kyle Downey

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  • Louis

    This is being published by Rooster Teeth? It looks like a cheap freeware Nuclear Throne knockoff title.

  • BurntToShreds

    I’m at PAX South right now, and the Rooster Teeth booth has a Battle Sloths demo. I’ll give it a try tomorrow and give my impressions.

  • Tyler Szabo

    Please do, we would love to hear your opinion on it.

  • BurntToShreds

    Alright, so I played Battlesloths. It’s sort of like a twin-stick version of Duck Game with sloths. There are a lot of stages, and the stages have special events. There’s a hell stage where killable AI-controlled demons appear, for example. There are quite a few weapons. One of them was an evil book that summoned sigils that I believe acted like land mines, and I’m not sure if it was exclusive to the hell stage or not.

    You aim with the control stick/mouse and shoot with the right trigger/LMB. There’s also a dodge roll.

    I think it needs a bit more work, but even then I feel like it’s nothing absolutely special; just a decent 4-player game.

  • Tyler Szabo

    Thanks for the update. A twin-stick Duck Game could be interesting if it taps into the same humor and responsiveness. I also like the concept of special events to mix up the core gameplay loop, but ultimately I’m as tenuous about the whole thing as you are. I think ‘decent’ or ‘solid’ are going to be words to describe it when it releases, most likely nothing more.