Rocket League is getting a new update this month that includes a new mode called Rocket Labs, which allows players to test out new maps before release on prototype arena layouts. Essentially, players will give feedback to Pysonix and will help the studio decide which art assets will be applied to the maps.

There are three of the aforementioned maps that will be included in the patch, which include Utopia Retro, a circular map that’s originally from Rocket League’s predecessor Supersonic Acrobatic Robotic-Powered Battle Cars on the PlayStation 3, Underpass, a map that is focused around aerials and elevations, and Double Goal, a map with two nets to score on instead of just one.

Like the Snow Day maps and Wasteland before it, the maps on the Rocket Lab playlist will not be playable on competitive playlists – at least not immediately.

The February update will also bring Wasteland over to the competitive playlists and will add the Snow Day mutator preset, the Puck ball type, and the Winter Stadium map as new additions for play for exhibition and private matches. The last feature for this month’s patch is the ability for players to report users who are acting offensively, which can be accessed through the in-game menu, with the chat log will be sent for review.

Rocket League will also be released on Xbox One sometime this month, and will not feature cross-platform play that the PS4 and PC versions support.

Quick Take:

This is a great idea for Pysonix to give players an opportunity to help make Rocket League better, and an even better way of adding new maps to Rocket League a little earlier then one might expect. It seems Pysonix can do no wrong concerning Rocket League, and it will be interesting to see the title grow through 2016.

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