The Psyonix-developed rocket car powered eSports title Rocket League has been selling like hotcakes since its release as a free title for PlayStation Plus subscribers alongside PC. The game, made by a small team based in San Diego, California, has managed to lead their game to the forefront of the eSports scene since its release in mid-2016.

Speaking to, Psyonix’s VP of Publishing talked about the sales of the physical version of Rocket League compared to digital sales.

How do we know? Because post-launch we can track new accounts and compare those against both physical and digital sales and the math of it all says that it’s mostly a new audience.

Sales being made by new players is a good indicator of Rocket League‘s health. Over a million physical sales sounds great and is certainly a supplement to the game’s digital sales, which have already passed the 9.5 million units sold since July 2016.

Psyonix has been habitually adding new content to Rocket League. Some of these additions are merely cosmetic (like car toppers, trail, and new cars) while others add a completely new mode to the game, expanding the game’s focus from soccer to other sports. Most recently, Psyonix released the Dropshot mode where teams can create goals by continuously hitting the floor with the ball. Psyonix has also added seasonal events based on winter sports like Snow Day well as a growing list of new arenas themed after specific genres or places.

Quick Take

I’m glad to see Rocket League still performing very well this long after release. The developers have been great about keeping an open com channel with their players, and the content they keep adding has ensured that the game continues to attract new players as well as give veterans a reason to jump back in again. 

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