RIP Winamp

Aaron Blevins / November 21, 2013 at 8:00 AM / Technology, Technology News   /   Comments

When AOL announced that and the software would no longer be available on December 20, 2013, I was not saddened by the announcement.  The first thought to cross my mind was “Wow, do people still use this?”  With Itunes dominating most people’s computers for so many years, every mobile device having it’s own media player and streaming music through Pandora, Spotify, and IHeartRadio it was a matter of time till Winamp was officially shut down.

Winamp had its glory days as being one of the first great media players for Windows back when it was launched in 1997.  Life has changed SIGNIFICANTLY over the last 16 years.  If your reading this article on your Blackberry, then I understand why you could be sad.  I miss the good old days of AIM, my Sidekick phone, and renting video games from Blockbuster.  That’s all changed now, for better or….. better.  Winamp shutting down shows to not get attached to the way we currently do anything, because who knows where technology will take us and what we will look back on and laugh at in 16 years.   RIP Winamp, you had your time as King, now it is time for you to be laid to rest.

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