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Resident Evil Remaster HD’s website recently updated, featuring new screenshots of the theme fans receive if they pre-order the PS4 version. One of these screenshots sported an image for “Biohazard Zero”, the Japanese title for Resident Evil Zero.



Following the announcement of Resident Evil Remaster HD, fans began to speculate on possible other games in the series that could use a new coat of paint, and Resident Evil Zero (as well as to a greater extent Resident Evil 2) became a prime candidate. These images could point out that Capcom is well aware and may already be making plans for such, or they could always have just goofed and had some random file on that console’s hard drive. The website pulled the image in the blink of an eye, and now shows the same image with the Resident Evil Zero icon removed.

The upcoming Resident Evil HD Remake will be cross-buy compatible (PS4, PS3) to anyone who preorders the game on Sony consoles. The game is now available for pre-order and can be pre-installed so players can start the moment the clock strikes midnight. Resident Evil HD Remaster releases January 20, 2015.

More details may come after the release of Capcom’s take on episodic gaming with Resident Evil Revelations 2. Episode one will release February 17, 2015; with episodes two, three, and four releasing February 24th, March 3rd, and March 10th respectively.

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  • Fenrir007

    “HD Remaster” nowadays means applying AA. I’m not holding my breath.

  • Viredae

    Sweet, I really liked this one, hope they don’t cock up the port.

  • fatguy666

    I think they’ve sharpened up the textures and redone a lot of the lighting. There was definitely a video with one of the devs saying they redid the entire room with the mask puzzle. I’ve played replayed it on dolphin and that room looks like a badly encoded mpg.

  • fatguy666

    It was a great, Billy was a cool character and it’s a shame they never managed to bring him back into it. Hopefully they keep the leech quest thing for unlocking the infinite magnum, I still have crudely drawn maps to their locations inside the box of my gamecube original 🙂

  • Fenrir007

    I sure hope so… The RE4 HD remaster was pretty disappointing.

  • I’m looking forward to RE HD. Played it ages ago but never finished it. I’ve never played

    Zero so an HD remake would a great opportunity to change that.