One of the worst things about licensed games is that they always have an expiration date. No matter how innovative or fun they happen to be, there aren’t many companies who are able to keep paying license holders in perpetuity. This financial burden is why we don’t see more games based on a creative team’s direct inspirations, and that burden seems to have done in the team behind Reservoir Dogs Bloody Days.

Created by Big Star Games in a deal with Lionsgate, Reservoir Dogs Bloody Days is a top-down shooter that takes the basic gameplay of Hotline Miami and adds in time-warping mechanics and the same cast of characters from the Quentin Tarantino film. Critical reception of the game was muted to say the least, leading to a less than impressive number of owners in the six months since release.

A representative from GOG posted the following statement to their forums regarding the state of the game.

Due to official closure of the company behind Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, we will be removing the game and the soundtrack from GOG’s offer on Wednesday, November 22nd at 5 PM UTC.
Until then you can get both with a 50% discount.

Big Star Games had previously published Fist of Jesus in 2014, and the continued availability of both games on digital storefronts is put into question with the publisher’s closing. Those interested in either title are advised to purchase them before November 22nd, as neither is available in a nondigital format.

We’ve reached out to Steam and Humble and will update this article with any updated information regarding the delisting of Reservoir Dogs.

Quick Take

Another week, another reminder of the downsides of an all-digital future. Sure, Bloody Days might not have been a great game, but the fact that it will have only existed for six months before vanishing into the either is terrifying to anyone interested in preserving games history. Thankfully, that DRM-Free GOG copy should preserve the game for anyone who wants to dive in, even if they have to head over to the “usual places” first.

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