According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is close to making a deal with Illumination Entertainment for an animated Mario film. While the deal is not yet final, Illumination Entertainment is the animated movie arm of Universal Pictures, and Nintendo and Universal already have a deal for Mario-themed areas in Universal parks. So, the idea the two may be teaming up for a movie is not far-fetched.

The deal is not done so the movie is still years away as details are hashed out. Nintendo reportedly wants some control over the movie, and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto is likely to be a producer.

Illumination Entertainment is the team that brought the world Despicable Me and Minions. There’s no denying that those films have been major, worldwide successes, which Nintendo is likely taking into account considering the reputation around video game movie adaptations. Not only are they usually not a good film, they don’t make much money either.

super mario bros movie goomba

Hopefully Goombas won’t look like this.

And how could we not mention Nintendo’s own foray into movies with 1993’s Super Mario Bros. The film was a box office failure and widely considered to be quite terrible. This new film likely has a leg up in that it will be animated, so it can make the translation of the Mario style from the games seamless.

More details will assuredly come out when the deals go through. Until then, stay tuned.

Quick Take

Most people will likely be pretty averse to this just because of the 1993 film. However, an animated Mario film can be done quite well and the games, particularly the Mario & Luigi games, have a good humor to them. The film can likely capture the look of the games perfectly. The biggest decision they will have to make is whether or not to give Mario dialogue. Do we really want Mario to tell us the troubles he’s having trying to save Princess Peach? Or to hear him argue it out with Bowser? We’ll have to see.

What do you think of an animated Mario movie? What should they do with a Mario Movie? Let us know in the comments below!


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