Greetings, salutations, and happy Throwback Week! Our partners at GOG have plenty of retro goodness to keep you gaming all weekend long, and I’m here to lay it all out for you.

First, a new game to add to GOG’s deep library of PC classics that have finally been brought into the digital age. Empires: Dawn of the Modern World is an RTS from 2003 that was originally published by Activision and developed by Stainless Steel Games. A follow-up to the critically-acclaimed Empire Earth, this epic has been obscured due to lack of availability, and GOG has done the legwork to bring it back to modern systems DRM-Free for just $10.

If EA games are more your style, then GOG’s current weekly sale will be to your liking. Featuring everything from Dead Space to Dungeon Keeper, there are plenty of hits in the collection, and not a single one priced over a fiver. If you’re looking for something newer and like deep JRPGs, then we recommend taking a look at the current sale on the The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky series. Our own James Galizio has been playing the recently released third entry in the series for review, and I’ve heard from him that they’re a great choice for anyone looking to sink a huge amount of time into an engaging world.

To get back on theme, the ultimate throwback game to release this week was STRAFE. The Quake-inspired roguelike impressed me at PAX East back in 2016, and we’re currently working on a review that will delve deep into the game’s levels and mechanics. However, if you want to bypass all that mess purchasing and just get into the game, you have a chance to do just that. GOG has graciously provided us with five DRM-Free copies of STRAFE to giveaway. Just complete a few social actions, watch the game’s amazing live action movie trailer, and your face could be melting as early as next weekend.

STRAFE Giveaway

If you’re reading this on Friday, then you still have time to head over to GOG’s homepage, grab a free copy of Eador: Genesis and complete Throwback Week right! I wish everyone the best of luck, and winners will be notified next weekend.

Giveaway Rules: No purchase necessary. Likes, Subscribes, and Follows count as one entry each, and tweeting is worth one entry once a day. In order to enter, an email must be entered. Email will not be used for anything but entrance into the giveaway. Winners will be contacted via the same entry that was used to win (Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Email) using a random number generator to determine said winners. TechRaptor reserves the right to pull entries that are seen as exploitative (using multiple accounts, etc.) in order to give the best chances to all participants.

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