Greetings and hello to everyone out there! We are in the thick of a busy October, with plenty happening in gaming everywhere you look. Around these parts, one of the bigger releases has been that of Shadow Warrior 2, which is developer Flying Wild Hog’s love letter to old school sensibilities and loot shooters. The “2” in the title of the game might tip you off that there was an original Shadow Warrior released a few years ago. If you didn’t get a chance to play one of my personal GOTY candidates from 2013, today is your lucky day, as the fine folks at Devolver Digital have bequeathed us two Shadow Warrior Steam keys to give to our readers as part of this week’s launch celebration.

Starring Lo Wang in his first game since the mid-90s cult classic, Shadow Warrior is a straightforward story driven first person shooter where you terminate demons with extreme prejudice. Some of the weapons you will deal out extreme prejudice include a dismembered Oni head that shoots flames from its mouth, a weapon that amazingly is not in 2016’s sequel. I’m sure they’re saving it for DLC.

Raptor Giveaway – Shadow Warrior (Steam)

In any case, why not follow Shadow Warrior on Twitter, rock out to some Stan Bush, and check out Shadow Warrior 2‘s launch trailer. You can also read up on my thoughts on the newly released sequel, which can probably be summed up thusly.

Despite a few launch issues, I still chose to put my faith in Shadow Warrior 2. The game feels like a labor of love from a developer just beginning to stretch its legs and establish itself as one of the premier names in FPS action. Having already started the year right with Hard Reset Redux , this game continues their path towards an effortless evolution of the old-school shooter mentality. Dashing through levels at blistering speeds, dropping down five stories without taking damage and then chopping the legs out under a boss in the first stages of our battle are some of the best moments I’ve had gaming this year, and my most pressing issue with it is that I just wanted more. The narrative works when it needs to, but the engaging action is put before anything else, and it’s worth fighting through the game’s growing pains to get at that adrenaline-fueled excitement.

Have you played any Shadow Warrior games? Are you planning on grabbing the sequel in the near future? Are you impressed that I didn’t put any dick jokes into my review of Shadow Warrior 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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