Overwatch is a team game, although your experiences in Quick Play and Competitive might have made you a bit jaded about that by now. You’ve probably seen a video or two showcasing a sick Overwatch combo attack and lamented your team’s inability to get them to work. Thankfully, there are plenty of easy combos that can be pulled off, even if your team is a little uncoordinated.

I’ve picked out six different combo attacks listed in order from easiest to most difficult to execute. Even if your team are a bunch of useless dummies, you might still be able to use these abilities and surprise the enemy!

Raptor 6 Overwatch Combo

The Most Common Overwatch Combo: Zarya’s Graviton Surge

Zarya’s Ultimate ability is Graviton Surge, a ball of energy that sucks enemies in and pins them in place for a few seconds. A good Zarya player will be able to build up enough energy to unleash devastating damage on the enemies they capture with this Ultimate, but a smart Zarya player will save it to use with a teammate.

One of the most well-known combinations is Zarya and Hanzo. Heck, it was shown in action during the game’s early Blizzcon presentations. There are, of course, plenty of other abilities that this can be used with to great success. Let’s get the Ultimate abilities out of the way—anything slow-moving and difficult to land makes for a perfect combo with Graviton Surge. Doomfist’s Meteor Strike, D.Va’s Self-Destruct, Pharah’s Barrage, and pretty much anything else like that works amazingly well.

What’s often underestimated, however, is completely regular abilities. A Junkrat emptying his magazine and dropping his mines on a cluster of enemies that can’t move will absolutely shrek anyone caught in the blast. Bastion free-firing for a few seconds will shred most opponents to pieces. Think about how to put the most damage in a small area quickly and then do exactly that!

Raptor 6 Overwatch Combo

Sombra’s EMP and Almost Anything Else

Sombra’s EMP is another powerful Ultimate ability that doesn’t do any damage on its own save for any shields that players have built up. It’s great for getting in some free shots, but combining it with another hero’s Ultimate can make for a highly-destructive Overwatch combo.

One of my personal favorites is pairing EMP with D.Va’s self-destruct.  Players will often take cover being a Reinhardt or Orisa shield, but these shields are instantly wiped away by EMP. Players not behind solid cover will be instantly destroyed at best and horribly damaged at worst.

Bear in mind that Sombra’s EMP disables pretty much all abilities. Does Genji have Dragonblade? He’ll be able to cut the enemy team to pieces and they’ll have no chance to run away. McCree wants to Deadeye? Remove any shields and cancel out any concerns of Genji bouncing McCree’s shots back at him.

The biggest challenge with Sombra’s EMP is hitting as many people as possible. Whether you jump down from the high ground or pop up above them with your Translocator, a well-landed EMP can turn the tide of battle. Just make sure you don’t waste it without another teammate ready to attack!

Raptor 6 Overwatch Combo

Boops Can Be Deadlier Than You Think

Quite a few hero abilities will allow you to push people around. Dunking an enemy down the Ilios well or sending them flying off a cliff is an easy way to get some kills (and probably Play of the Game), but not every map has a place where you can pull this off. Some might think that boops are useless on these maps, but they’re dead wrong—almost as dead as the enemy team will be if you can pull off this particular Overwatch Combo.

Imagine this common situation: you’re playing Doomfist. Your team’s McCree activates his Deadeye, but everyone on the enemy team tucks in behind Reinhardt’s shield. What do you do? Well, a well-aimed Rising Uppercut can pop up to two enemies into the air and above the shield, making them vulnerable to your McCree’s Ultimate. Even better, you can target the Reinhardt and send the shield well above the enemies he’s protecting.

Other boops can work just as well. Lúcio, Pharah, Brigitte, Wrecking Ball, and others can all move people out from behind cover and make them vulnerable to your team’s attacks. If you use your head and time things right, you and your teammates can clean up pretty nicely.

Raptor 6 Overwatch Combo

Ana and Baptiste Make Other Ultimates Deadly

Ana and Baptiste are two healers with Ultimate abilities whose big appeal is the power to make friendly attacks stronger. Each has their own unique applications, strengths, and weaknesses.

Let’s start with Ana’s Nano Boost. It amps up the defensive and offensive abilities of whatever ally it hits for a few seconds and it will also heal them up by several hundred health. It’s not quite a combo, but my experience shows that far too few Ana players remember that it can be used to heal an ally in a critical situation. That aside, it’s best used by someone in a position to do a lot of damage. Genji, Soldier: 76, Pharah, and several other heroes with offensive Ultimates can be enhanced to a point where they’ll do a crazy amount of damage.

Don’t neglect regular attacks, either. Pay attention to the people on your team as you play. Has the guy or gal on Widowmaker been landing headshots like an absolute madlad? Give them the Nano Boost and watch the enemy team gets wiped. (Besides, who expects a Nano Boost on Widowmaker?) Hit the Junkrat and laugh as he careens into the cluster of bad guys not paying attention to his position. There are a lot of opportunities to be creative and surprise the enemy!

As for Baptiste, his Ultimate ability is much more straightforward. Of course, you can use it to simply make everyone put out even more intense fire, but there are plenty of Ultimate abilities that can be fired through Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix. Pharah’s Barrage, Hanzo’s Dragonstrike, McCree’s Deadeye, and many other Ultimate abilities make for excellent choices to send through the Amplification Matrix.

Raptor 6 Overwatch Combo

Orisa’s Halt + Good Timing = Dead Enemies

Orisa’s Halt is technically a boop of sorts, but I think it deserves its own special mention as a potential Overwatch combo. It has some unique attributes that give it a lot more potential to do an Overwatch combo attack than some of the other hero abilities. It’s plenty useful for sucking people off of a cliff, but it can do so much more than that.

Largely, the appeal of Halt lies in its predictability. It’s much easier to tell where exactly it will go off, giving your teammates an easy visual signal for where to aim their attacks. It’s like a mini Graviton Surge, but the timing on it is much tougher. Combining it with Roadhog’s Chain Hook—the so-called “Halt n’ Hook” combo—has been used to devastating effect in the Overwatch League.

It can be used in a number of other ways, too. Use Halt to pull some people up and out of Reinhardt’s shield so a friendly Deadeye can kill them. Stop an enemy running away from an Ulting Genji so he can secure the kill. Halt doesn’t just move enemies—it temporarily impedes their movement. Use it wisely!

Raptor 6 Overwatch Combo

Mei’s Ice Wall Elevates Combos to New Heights

Mei’s Ice Wall is most obviously used as a defensive ability. You can block off a doorway, stop a charging Reinhardt in his tracks, or give you and your team some cover to cross a chokepoint. It can, however, do so much more than that as an Overwatch combo — but only if you can aim it right.

One of the first tricks Mei players pick up is the ability to place Ice Wall directly below them and get a little height. It’s great for flanking or even just for getting away from an attacking enemy. What you might not think to do is to use this exact same mechanism on your opponents.

Is a D.Va nuke going to be blocked by Reinhardt? Place the wall below Rein and elevate the enemy team’s cover above them. Bastion taking cover behind a shield? Lift him up and let your team shoot him. Better yet, lift up your own Bastion and let him fire above the enemy’s defenses.

Planning in advance works best, but an attentive Mei player can do one better. Use your Ice Wall to move or block enemies while a friendly Ultimate is in progress and you can potentially corral them right into the path of destruction.

Now that the next Overwatch Anniversary event has been announced, it’s never been a better time to get back into the game! Take your newfound knowledge on combo attacks and go cause some chaos on the battlefield — and do make sure to check out what the heroes in Overwatch are capable of so you can think up some cool combos of your own!

What is your favorite Overwatch combo to execute? What other combo attacks are easy for players to pull off? Let us know in the comments below!

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