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Don Parsons / January 12, 2015 at 10:00 AM / Blog

Welcome to the TechRaptor staff’s look back at the year that was. We’ve spent some time over the last month talking, voting, and going over things, and so we’re happy to bring you the 2014 Raptor Picks and Raptor Chats. This was done in collaboration with essentially the whole staff here and is how we saw gaming in 2014.

Raptor Picks

Raptor Picks are the easiest of them to understand – these are basically our picks for the best that 2014 had to offer. These aren’t official awards or such but it tends to line up with it. The process we went through for the Raptor Picks was as follows:

  • Set up a Spreadsheet with open nominations. People were able to nominate any games they wanted that came out in 2014
  • Once the open nominations (done over a week) were done, all the nominees were put into a vote on their categories, and for a week everyone voted. They could vote for up to 3 per category.
  • After that was sorted through, the top 5 in each category were taken to the next round. In the case of a tie at 5th, both would go through (so there are 6 in some categories).
  • With the cut down, it was put forward for another week of voting.
  • At the end, we had the results, and started accepted written submissions for the individual games and intro-conclusion bits.
  • Then we put it together and edit it all up for different articles this week!

That was more or less the general process – with a lot more herding of people who missed things or deadlines and that sort of thing. We went with categories this year on a platform basis for many of them because a lot of genre titles have become more and more vague over the years. Sure its easy to call something a first-person shooter and be accurate, but what is a Role-Playing Game? Ask 10 people and you’ll end up with different piles of what belongs. Same with ‘Adventure’, and a few others. So instead we went with platforms to be safe with that. There were some issues we found out as we did it, as there are fewer exclusives then ever before in this current transitional generation time.

We also had 6 non-platform categories – first for pick of the year, then for narrative, soundtrack, multiplayer, visuals, and Indie. While many of these are straight forward, on Indie we decided to focus on smaller indie games. We decided that for those we’d leave out your big crowd-funded games like Wasteland 2, Divinity: Original Sin, Broken Age, and so forth because the budget and teams working on those multi-million projects weren’t really comparable to other indie studios. They are part of the rising AA game force out there, and we had all of them nominated for other awards – one of them even grabbed one of the top awards.

There were some rules we used for the nominations that I’ll discuss here:

  • The game had to be released in 2014 (duh)
  • If a game was episodic it had to be completed. So Walking Dead Season 2, and Wolf Among Us are up for awards, Game of Thrones, Dreamfall Chapters, and Tales of the Borderlands are not.
  • If a game was ported to and released on a new console in 2014 it could be qualified to run on that console. However, it was only qualified for that and areas of the game that changed. To give an example – Valkyria Chronicles was qualified for PC and Visuals as those were updated but essentially not anything else.

That was essentially all the rules, beyond general things like only you (a staff member) could vote and such. We will be running 2 of these a day for the next week, until next Monday when our Pick of the Year runs.

As a general reminder, the sales links that will be available in the Raptor Picks are going to be Viglinked. This is basically what we do with all applicable links TechRaptor and it helps provide a bit of support to the site when you buy stuff through them. On the bottom of the page there is a viglink button and if you want to learn more about Viglink you can visit their site.

So these are the categories we used and they will be updated with links over the week.

PlayStation Vita
Nintendo 3DS
Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
XBox One
Wii U
Pick of the Year

Raptor Chats

Raptor Chats are chats we had on more subjective topics and to talk about things going on. Basically we had staff members sign up for them and we used a group email to discuss the topic that was chosen.

We had some issues getting engagement from people over the holiday season on some of these – I know the gall to be busy at such a time! So the Raptor Chats are a bit smaller than what I’d hoped because I am a dreamer. Still I think some of them turned out quite well and they discuss different topics. There will be some going up within the next week and here’s the topics we have:

Adventure Games of 2014

Surprise Games of 2014

Most Anticipated Games of 2015

This will be updated with links and the rest as the Raptor Chats are posted throughout the week.

What do you think of our plans to celebrate 2014? Do you have any questions about this? Any suggestions on what we could do in the future? Tell us in the comments!

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