Welcome to a new TechRaptor feature PvP! This is where our Raptors will go head to head against a tech or gaming issues, fighting for what they believe is right. Who will win? You help us decide! Join in the conversation in the comments, even suggest an issue for us to battle it out!

First up is the age old question of why people buy games. Is it for the single-player experience or is it for the multiplayer experience? Some games just slap it on as an addition to just appeal to more of an audience, others are starting to leave it off all together. Let’s see what Raptors Mike and Aaron have to say about it. Hit up the next pages to see their argument. Who do you think is right, let us know!!

Mike Johnson

I like MMOs, RPGs, and sandboxes, all played with my trusty hedgehog sidekick Harvey. When I'm not building, slashing, or rolling, you'll find me with a good book and a hot coffee.