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I guess gamers aren’t that concerned about Double Fine’s budgeting after all.

Last night at The Game Awards, Tim Schafer announced that Psychonauts 2 was in development but would need a 3.3 million dollar investment on the crowdfunding platform Fig to make it happen.

Less than 24 hours later the campaign has already reached 1.15 million dollars, over a third of the projects goal, putting it on track to reach its 3.3 million dollar target with plenty of time to spare.

Schafer breaks down how the funding for Psychonauts 2 will work in the Fig pitch video. The 3.3 million dollar figure comes from what backers gave Double Fine Productions to make Broken Age, which was funded on Kickstarter with Act 2 released earlier this year. Double Fine will also be contributing a “significant amount” to the project themselves. Finally, Double Fine will also be working with an external parter to round out the games finances.

There has been speculation that this “external partner” is Markus “Notch” Persson, the creator of Minecraft. Notch had reached out to Schafer in 2012 regarding financing Psychonauts 2 and at the time, reports were that Double Fine needed 18 million dollars to make the game. According to Persson, this number scared him off as it was “three times higher than my initial impression”.

The full budget for the game and the external partner remain a secret for now, but that hasn’t stopped people from using this information to guess at who they are and how much the silent partner will have to contribute.

Schafer’s Double Fine Productions has had a rocky history with crowdfunding. The Kickstarter for Broken Age was a huge success, raising $3.3 million against a goal of $800,000. But development stretched out and the crowdfunded budget ran dry, forcing Double Fine to break the game into two Acts, so that the profits from Act 1 could pay for development of Act 2.

This new crowdfunding campaign takes place on a new platform; Fig. Fig is a relatively new crowdfunding platform focused on solely on video games. Fig allows backers to donate money for backer rewards akin to Kickstarter and Indiegogo or to invest in the game via an escrow account to share in the profits. Fig was founded by former Double Fine COO Justin Bailey and boasts an advisory board including Aaron Isken of Indie Fund, Alex Rigopulos of Harmonix, Feargus Urquhart of Obsidian and Tim Schafer himself.

If you’d like to donate to the campaign for Psychonauts 2 or just watch the numbers go up, you can take a look at Fig. We’ll be watching the crowdfunding progress of Psychonauts 2 as it continues to develop.

Wyatt Hnatiw

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  • I gotta figure out some way to get money from stupid people. This guy is great at it.

  • Jim

    Apparently it’s not that hard. You just have to be a charismatic personality and people will fall head over heels to defend you of your shitty practices.

  • plakia

    Can’t wait for the tears when the game is total shit.

  • Azure

    It is a really gross tactic to manipulate people for money now.

    Without a doubt this game is gonna flop, but there will be enough people around with buyers remorse and nostalgia to not even care : /.

    It’s becoming a dark time having gaming as a hobby.

  • Serathis

    Don’t f this up Tim, this is your last chance.

  • Stuart Burns

    Sorry, Tim. You’re not getting a payday loan from me. Deliver the product, and if Let’s Plays and reviews look good, then I’ll buy it. You’re all out of credit.

    Especially since you’re using a crowdfunding site that you’re on the board of advisers of.

  • Pesty

    Oh no, he’s well past that point with me. The only news about Psychonauts 2 that would have made me happy would be to hear that he was selling the license to someone competent.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Even if nobody would donate to that hack anymore he would still get his games funded. Why? Because he is the biggest cock sucker in the industry. He sucked everybody’s cock even Phil Fish’s and Josh Mcintosh’s.

    SJW praised the heck for creating Elaine Marley. The funny thing is that Elaine was created by Ron Gilbert, just like the rest of Monkey Isand. Tim “fameleech” Schafer only took credit for it. Isn’t life wonderful when you climb to the top on the back of someone else?

    Whats the difference between the prizes Ken and Roberta Williams received and the ones Schafer got? The Williams’ got theirs for having talent while Timmy got his for swallowing a lot of “male tears”.

    Also, can this motherfucker make 1 game without begging people for money!?

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Have you seen the movie the producers? This is basically Tim “scam king” Schafer. Just with video games instead of a broadway musical. I’m sure he somehow makes more money when the game flops instead when its a win.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    This guy has got to be the biggest hack the video game industry has ever seen. Not only have two of the biggest AAA-producers in the world told him to fuck off and never return, he was also banned from kickstarter and Fig will ban him next.

    People compared this asshole to George Lucas but let me tell you this as bad as George Lucas has become at least he gave people something for their money unlike this piece of shit!

    Kotick was right!

  • Mighty No. 56008

    Well, I’m a little sad at the level of gullibility I’m witnessing here. Has no one learned from his past mistakes?

    The only silver lining here is that there’s no risk involved in my part in all of this. I can avoid and ignore all of the lies and headaches that’s gonna come with this project. And if the game still turns out fine after all of that, then I can just simply buy it afterwards.

  • Nope Naw

    Stupidity. Stupidity never changes.

  • ParasiteX

    You don’t even need that anymore. Just play the victim card and claim to be for “social justice”. And people will fall head over heels to support your mindless cause.

  • ParasiteX

    The really sad and pathetic part, is that you have to pledge at-least $33 just to be able to join the discussion at the Fig page….

  • Josh

    Do you really not know anything about this guy? If you’re still donating to him after all he’s done then you are a massive idiot.

  • Robert Grosso

    Never did enjoy Psychonauts. I thought Brutal Legend was a better game out of the recent ones he has done.

    I guess it could be worse, he could be purposely messing with people. Tim’s biggest problem is he is a poor businessman and administrator. He really should hire someone to do that for him.

  • BurntToShreds

    If this turns out to be a straight sequel, with improvements over the original and unique level designs, then I will be happy and Double Fine will have redeemed themselves. What I’m wary of is Tim and the crew utilizing the nature of those levels being located in people’s minds to hamfistedly delve into (keyword “hamfistedly”) complex, modern-day issues like gender identity and such. If Double Fine does include such topics and can find a way to include that subject matter in a nuanced, subtle manner that fits well within the game and its quirky sense of humor, then I will give them kudos. Unfortunately, this is modern Double Fine and their recent track record shows that they’re not up to such a task.

  • SomeCollegeStudent

    Cashing in on nostalgia or name recognition works too.

  • braneman

    Get ready for psychonauts 2 part 1 here in a year, then they’ll rush part 2 out because they’ve run out of money and can’t budget for shit.

  • mbits

    Schaffer wants to raise $3.3m for a game that he said years ago would cost at leats $18m to make. Granted, they have other investors to help with it, but do you really think they have $15m worth of other investors?!

    I don’t buy that for a minute. On top of that, they plan to have this out by Fall of 2018? That’s less than three years. Broken Age was a point and click adventure game that raised $4.5m and took more than three years to make, including having to stop and sell it half way through the development, to raise enough funds to finish the other have. A fucking point and click!

    And then remember what happened to Spacebase DF-9… utterly abandoned — fuck all of you who went Early Access to stupport us! We give up! Bye!

    And on top of that, you know, the hatred of gamers.

  • mbits

    *THIS* is his last chance?

    Not “gamergate is a bunch of sock puppets that hate women”?

    Not “We’re abandoning development of the Early Access game, Spacebase DF9 — sorry all of you who paid $25 to support us!’.?

    Not “Hey, we raised $4.5m to make a $300k point and click adventure and it took us more than three years and more than $5m to do”?

  • Louis

    Fig’s not gonna ban him, because Tim Schafer created Fig. True story.

  • Robert Grosso

    Id argue it’s the next logical step.

    You already were engaged in what was basically an unofficial hedge fund when you more or less became investors in the product. You just got the product as your payment on investment, which is why it’s an alternative investment; kind of like how when a company gives out free games, it gets them off the hook from being sued because it is considered compensation.

    Maybe Psychonauts 2 is not going to be the game that trends it, but I am curious to see where this goes; if people really put their money where their mouth is and invest in games they like or want to succeed, having a stake in them now will lead to people actually making a little money. If nothing else, that will be interesting to watch.

  • SevTheBear

    Yeah Louis is right. He kind of own the damn platform.

  • SevTheBear

    If this idiot gets 3 mil again I will stay by my statement that those people who have given him money to this must naive and stupid. Tim has a track record that should make anyone stay away


    I can’t wait until 6 months from now, when Tim breaks up the game into several parts, then begs for more money to finish the remaining parts, since he spent most of the budget on throwing a party with Phil Fish as DJ.

  • webkilla

    So… I wonder how quickly they’ll run out of money on this and cancel the project

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    That will 100% happen. His fanboys said “OMG da fundrazer already has 1.000.000 bugs!!!”. The reason why they raised one million dollars over night is because they already have it. Timmy supports Sarky not because she is a “victum!” but because he found his soulmate.
    Fatass Schafer only got famous for taking credit for Ron Gilberts work. Of course his fanboys deny this saying “Noooooooooooooo! He’s God!!!”
    If Timmy the Schaferhund is God then I’m more proud then ever to be an Atheist.

  • Azure

    It’s why I rarely watch movies.

  • Serathis

    You may have something there. And that makes me feel sad.

  • This is not going to end well.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Yup. I didn’t know it back then when I posted that comment but I know now. God, the guy is so pathetic he has to cheat on his own site because others don’t want him on theirs anymore. I’m sure most of the cash was “donated” by him and his business partners. Which explains why they were able to get 1 million dollar over night but needed a week for the second.