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[Important Notice: The writer of this article posted some information that was incorrect and implied that PsiSyndicate received his boxes from CSGOLotto, the site that Martin and Cassell are alleged to be involved with. PsiSyndicate actually received his boxes from SteamLoto and says so in his video. The article has been corrected and an Editor’s Note is forthcoming, and the author apologizes for the confusion that has come about as a result from the article.]

New information has arisen on the developing Counter Strike: Global Offensive lotto scandal that sparked after it was discovered that the website CSGOLotto was run by YouTube stars. The stars in question – Trevor “TmarTn” Martin and Tom “ProSyndicate” Cassell – are both alleged to have promoted videos of the CS:GO lotto, which include videos of them winning, without disclosing their affiliation with the company. Further information on the scandal can be found in TechRaptor’s previous article as well as the video report by h3heproductions.

Following the preliminary reports, a different YouTube star – Lewis, better known as “PsiSyndicate” – posted the below video to his YouTube page, disclosing his involvement with a similar lotto website, SteamLoto.

According to PsiSyndicate, two of his unboxing videos – the Dragonlore unboxing and Medusa unboxing – were allegedly rigged to give favorable outcomes of highly expensive items in return for promotion of the SteamLoto website. In particular, PsiSyndicate received the Dragon Lore Sniper Rifle (which PsiSyndicate says he gave away along with other items in a contest), and the Karambit Doppler “Ruby” Knife, which PsiSyndicate still owns but says he plans on (maybe) giving away in another contest.

While TechRaptor had reported earlier that Valve had earlier put a warning up about the separate site, CSGO Lotto, telling users to “proceed with caution” in visiting, a volunteer mod named KillahInstinct has removed the block; his reasoning for the removal can be viewed below and also in the Counter Strike: Global Offensive reddit subforum.

Removal of CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) lotto block

Neither Martin nor Cassell (owners of separate site, CSGO Lotto) have commented on PsiSyndicate’s video at the time of writing this article.

Stay tuned to TechRaptor for developing information on the CS:GO Lotto scandal, as well as any further information on the situation surrounding PsiSyndicate.

What are your thoughts on the CS:GO scandal(s)?  Do you think PsiSyndicate did the right thing in coming forward and admitting to allegedly receiving rigged boxes?  Let us know in the comment section below.

Editor’s Note: The Author’s note above covers the changes that were made, and we have also adjusted the title and content of this article to reflect the correct information and issued a retraction on all social media channels. We’d like to apologize to all parties, as well as our readers, for the incorrect information we published.

Brandon Bobal

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Brandon writes articles with focuses on video and board games, and Magic: The Gathering. When he isn’t doing research for his weekly Magic: The Gathering column, he can be found enjoying the outdoors.

  • Casey

    This is the kind of crap I make sure to steer very clear of on steam. All of this type of shit feels so fishy and wrong.

  • Hobo-Tobo

    What does this have to do with Steam?

  • Hawk Hopper

    I always think it sucks that people come clean only after they have been caught. In this case, others got caught and this guy feels like he should try to avoid future trouble by coming clean now. I guess this is better than the usual kicking and screaming that’s involved in these sorts of scandals, but can’t people be honest up front?

  • BurntToShreds

    The FTC, actually, but you’re right.

  • Casey

    The whole hat/skin stuff on TF 2, CS:GO, and DOTA 2.
    There’s some shady shit going on there.

  • Reptile

    You mean Valve**, Steam is just the store / software, it is not a company.
    But I partially agree with you, I don’t buy those stuff because it is dumb, but Valve should restrict all trades and sales to be steam internal, specially not allowing bots to do said trades (A captcha maybe?).

  • Reptile

    Ugh, fuck those shitheads with “Syndicate” nicknames ruinning the name of one of my favorite SNES game…
    I hope they get busted by androids with colorful hair.

  • Scootinfroodie

    Well gee, it’s almost like you can’t trust random strangers on the internet with your valuables

    I personally dont care much for Valve turning every part of their games into a monetizable component but as long as people are taking part in this they should realize that there’s a very good chance they’ll get scammed somewhere along the line if they go outside of Valve’s primary trading service (and some people will still manage to get scammed while using steam). Its hard to not see this whole artificial market thing Valve loves so much as a bad thing for their titles beyond the surface level appeal.

    That said, scammers are shit, and there is no end to my schadenfreude at the moment. Cant wait to see how this turns out in both the short and long term

  • Casey

    No, I mean Steam, because the marketplace is the part of steam where this crazy nonsense happens. The only real and true way to stop crap like this would be to turn off trading and the marketplace altogether. However, there’s no way valve would do that as they get a cut of each sale.

    The only way this crap will fall is through some sort of legislation, and that’s something valve is trying very hard to avoid.

  • Reptile

    Yeah but by shutting down everything you are punishing more legit users that use the system as intended than scammers. You will have people with tons of useles repeated items from team fortress that can’t trade with his friend which has repeated items of the item he wants.
    Also by that logic we should shut off Youtube / Twitch for using the system to advertise his gambling system to kids because they also take a cut on every video the guy makes.
    Its like shooting a patient in the head because he has a fever.
    I too think Steam marketplace and trade is flawed, so is every system ever created and that is why they *should* improve it with at least warnings. But I have no sympathy for idiots who though betting real money on a online pachinko that /s totally was not rigged s/ was a good idea and honestly they deserve every cent lost. As for the kids, they either will be beated up by their parents when they see the credit card bill and learn a valuable lesson or if their parents do nothing that shows they don’t care about their son meaning the kids life already is fated to be a failure.

  • Casey

    I didn’t say they should shut it down, I said it’s the only true way to shut it down.

    I have to admit, of all the possible things valve could do with their games, this is probably the least offensive. Their games are all functionally complete and lock nothing out to the player if they choose not to pay.

    Honestly, I don’t know the answer to this problem, and that doesn’t surprise me as I know there are people WAY smarter than me working at valve trying to fix problems like these themselves. There has to be some balance that can be reached here.

  • Reptile

    I think for the time being they could simply put an warning before people entered their credentials on known gambling websites something like saying they could lose great quantity of money and said website is intended for adults, even provide some links to groups that help with gambling addiction, that wouldn’t stop people from going to gambling websites (and neither should, if people want to spend money this way who am I to say they shouldn’t?) but it would be like “Listen here son, every stupid decision you make from this page on is on you entirely”.

  • Brandon Bobal

    Hi, everyone.

    Some of the information in this article is wrong and we’re working on correcting it publicly and informing our readers.

    I did not make it clear that the site PsiSyndicate received his boxes from, SteamLoto, is not the same site that is facing scrutiny, CSGOLotto. Instead, the article made it seem that PsiSyndicate received his boxes from CSGOLotto.

    We’ll be addressing this shortly in an Editor’s Post. I apologize for the confusion that’s arisen as a result of this article.