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The long wait for Prey is almost over. Bethesda Softworks have revealed the game’s release date, set for May the 5th (so as not to interrupt Star Wars Day), in a brand new gameplay trailer. The news will come as a relief to eager fans, some of whom have been waiting since 2006 to see more from the Prey universe. After the 2014 cancellation of a planned sequel to the original Prey, proposed and actually fully developed by Human Head Studios, hopes of a sequel were slim until Bethesda revealed that Arkane Studios (of Dishonored fame) were in the advanced stages of developing their own Prey title. As we reported at E3 2016, it soon became clear that this version of Prey would be a reboot, rather than a direct sequel. The new trailer, which you can see below, came along with a host of new details about the game, its protagonist, and the gameplay systems that will make up this new interpretation of Prey;

Arkane’s interpretation of Prey will take place aboard the Talos I, a large space station that in gameplay terms will form a contiguous environment for players to explore. The game centers around the story of Morgan Yu, who we now know is the VP and director of research at the Transtar corporation. The action in the trailer suggests that whatever this research was it has gone horribly wrong, leaving the strange alien lifeforms shown in the previous trailer running loose. The aliens, known as the Typhon, have taken over the station and slaughtered Yu’s crew mates and it will be up to Yu (get it?) to stop these aliens from reaching earth and destroying humanity.

To assist the player in taking down this alien threat they will be able to use the powers of the Typhon against them. The trailer shows the character making interesting use of one the alien’s mimic abilities to turn himself into a death-dealing turret. Power does not come without sacrifice, it seems, as the trailer also shows the character using a ‘neuromod’ to gain abilities – a process which involves sticking some rather pointy-looking needles in his eye. The gameplay also appears to take some small inspiration from sci-fi predecessors like Half-Life, leveraging unique weapons like the GLOO Cannon shown in the trailer to create environmental puzzles to challenge players alongside the enemy threat. Further details released along with the trailer on Bethesda’s website suggest that the game will also feature a weapon and ammo crafting system, though it is not fully described. What we are told is that the game will feature a wide variety of environments both inside and outside the Talos I.

Finally, the news today also confirms that there will be a pre-order bonus available for Prey in the form of in-game items. Early adopters will bag themselves plans for a custom shotgun and ammo, three neuromods to upgrade abilities, a couple of medkits, fabrication materials and a unique upgrade to help conserve resources. Pre-orders are available now from various retailers depending on your territory.

Prey PreOrder EN 730x411

Are you breathing a sigh of relief to know that Prey will finally see the light of day? What do you think of the gameplay shown off so far? It’s clear from the press release that Bethesda are still keeping some cards close to their chest in the run up to release, are you convinced by what’s been shown so far are are you still on the fence? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • BurntToShreds

    It looks really good. The environment may be contiguous as you say, but looking at the story in that trailer, it seems like the game is going to play out in a relatively linear manner, maybe like BioShock or a MetroidVania. I’m excited for this much more than I was for Prey 2.

  • I dunno, obviously all my opinion but what I’ve seen of the game just feels sterile and uninspired. the enemies look neither challenging or interesting encounter or to look at and the plot+story of yet another ‘alien space station catastrophe’ is uninteresting and rote. I guess turning into whatever object is neat but that isn’t enough to get me interested, and it probably would’ve been nice to play the game and be surprised by that element rather than having it constantly touted as the big feature

  • GrimFate

    Yeah, doesn’t look as unique as the original unfortunately. But with the ability to turn into objects and the day repeating original trailer (if I remember correctly) hopefully the story will be something a bit more interesting and mind-bending than normal. Personally, I’m on the fence, but I’m definitely waiting for the reviews before considering a buy.

  • yeah maybe I’m just too cynical for my own good these days, I don’t want to just up and write it off but what I’ve seen just hasn’t done anything for me. though I am such a sucker for sci-fi that I’d feel willing to give it a fair shake, depending on how reviews go

  • GrimFate

    Can’t be too cynical these days. Gaming seems to be more miss than hit these days. But maybe I’m being too cynical too lol