Praiseworthy Developers is a new series that we’re starting here at TechRatpor that will hopefully become a fairly regular thing. How often it will come out is undecided at this time, but we would love to get feedback from all of you about what you think of the idea! (And comment below with developers we should cover!) It’s basically just as the title says, looking at developers worthy of our praise.

The first developer to look at is perfect for introducing the topic: CD Projekt RED. For those of you who do not know, CD Projekt RED is responsible for creating the very popular and critically acclaimed Witcher series, the next installment of which we should see in February of next year.

So why does CD Projekt RED deserve praise?

Well, they are probably the biggest name developer out there right now that has tried very hard to make a reputation for themselves as concerned only with the quality of their games and genuine care for the gaming community. This isn’t something they just say either, as they have shown time and again through their actions that they stand just for that.

CD Projekt RED is not concerned with trying to do various roundabout promotional strategies, unlike many other game companies. Instead, they’ll put out, like a lot of companies now, a great cinematic piece – but it won’t end there. With their newest game, The Wticher 3: Wild Hunt, they have been absolutely amazing in actually showing off the game. They have probably release close to two hours of unique gameplay footage to show it off. Plenty of other big name companies won’t show anything until the game is very close to being out.

This mindset was greatly contrasted during E3 back in June, where they showed a, albeit short, but in-depth video of the Wild Hunt. Many other companies couldn’t be bothered to show much of anything. They may have shown some in-game footage, but no actual gameplay. CD Projekt RED hasn’t stopped there either, as they have continued to release gameplay video after gameplay video, the most recent of which was over 30min long. They aren’t trying to hide anything, but share with us what they have created.

In other words, creating games is not just a platform for them to make money – they genuinely want to make good games.

Some may grumble, as they do take their times between their releases. However, with the success of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, that definitely paid off. What they have shown so far of the sequel makes it worth like it will be worth the wait.

One thing to admire them most for is how unwilling they are to sacrifice their vision and artistic integrity for a game, when they have been under consistent fire for being sexist and misogynistic (that is just one example of many) due to the content of their games, which often does include sex. Due to the nature of those allegations, CD Projekt RED deserves the praise as they have angered a very vocal group of people. I’m not going to get into is it or isn’t it sexist, but I obviously don’t think CD Projekt RED’s games are sexist.


Changing gears a bit, CD Projekt RED cares a great deal for both games and gamers. They are willing to interact with fans and the community at all levels, which is probably best evidenced by the fact that they were willing to give TechRaptor an exclusive interview earlier this year about Wild Hunt.  In that interview, that I encourage you to read, you can see just how passionate they are about all things gaming.

There are a few choice quotes that I want to highlight. This quote came in response to a question that asked how they were able to stay so involved with the community:

The answer is simple – we continue to do what allowed us to be where we are today. Supporting gamers, listening to gamers, offering them DRM-free games and so on. The beginnings were hard because no one wanted to take a leap of faith and spearhead the change with us. It’s way easier now because we’ve proven that it’s possible.

It is true, they have consistently shown their support for gamers and interacted with the community right from the beginning. They deserve a lot of praise for that, especially now it would not be incorrect to describe them as a AAA developer and publisher (of their own games).

In an answer to what other kinds of games they play:

Professionally, we play a lot of stuff to always be up to date. Privately? I mean, we’re gamers! We play the same stuff people all around the world do. During office parties we often organize tournaments: Tekken, Mortal Kombat, FIFA, the works. And party games, too.

They are not ashamed to call themselves gamers and there is a certain level of genuine excitement that is thrilling to see from developers. They are not jaded, they do not let certain parts of the job get them down – they just keep on making good games, while enjoying games others have made.

Developers that aren’t gamers, probably aren’t great developers. It is the same reasoning behind authors. Those that don’t read a lot, probably aren’t going to be very good at writing.

The final thing I want to mention, which was mentioned in the first quote from the interview with them, was their commitment to DRM-free games. The games they release have no DRM and they have vowed that they will never have DRM. The only DRM they have really accepted is Steam, but that is just the nature of being on the platform.

However, CD Projekt RED is so committed to DRM-free games that they have created their own platform for selling games, GOG sells only DRM-free games on the entire website. What they are probably best known for is their vast catalogue of older games for people to browse through and purchase. However, they go beyond that even because every game they sell they make sure that it will run on modern machines. Anyone that has found an old disc lying around and tried to get it to run again probably ran into some problems.

The existence of GOG and CD Projekt RED’s continued commitment to it is a great example of just how much they care for the gaming community.

So not only does CD Projekt RED make great games, they want gamers to have access to great games, want gamers to have a voice, and what gamers to not suffer restrictions as they try to play games.

If any aspiring developer is using CD Projekt RED as a role model, then they are on a very good track.

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