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Following our recent coverage surrounding Pokemon GO, it would seem that the international release has been delayed due server issues surrounding its initial launch.

In accordance to a report from Business Insider, Niantic CEO John Hanke said that territories within the United Kingdom and Netherlands will have to wait until they’re comfortable with launching the app. Since its launch in both the United States, New Zealand and Australia, Pokemon GO has experienced numerous issues surrounding server logins, internet connection drop outs, and Pokemon getting stuck in certain places. 

Though despite these issues, this still hasn’t stopped the app from its success so far. Since launch, Pokemon GO has topped the iTunes store, with the app becoming the number 1 free app download for the US market. In addition to their download numbers, Nintendo’s stock was up by 10 per cent following its initial release.

With the use of a GPS and smartphone camera, Pokemon GO is the first Pokemon app that provides players the opportunity to use their mobile devices catch wild Pokemon. Players are encouraged to go out in the real world, to find and capture Pokemon. Much like the original series, certain types of Pokemon can be found in certain regions (e.g. water types Pokemon are more likely to be found near an ocean or lake) and players can battle against each other for gym locations.

For more information regarding the gameplay, be sure to check out our recent article. Pokemon GO is currently out for iOS and Android devices. The app is free to download, though in-app purchases are available for certain items.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO? Have you been able to play it all? Or are you still patiently waiting for the title to be released? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Jason English

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  • Cytos Lpagtr

    its too bad the app does not have enough mechanical depth. if they’d made it like the rpg but catch pokes irl this would have been the humanity ending app we’ve all been waiting for, but they simplified to much. the idea is solid though and i’ve enjoyed getting to level 3 so far 😛 but i recon its going to get boring pretty quick..

    even if you are in the netherlands or somewhere else the app is not launched yet, if you can get the install file somewhere else, you can play it just the same. just make sure you arent dl’ing viruses 😛

  • Reptile

    I don’t get it, it always happens with a big title.
    A title is very hyped by the public, they hype it even more, and then when the title launches the servers go down because they “didn’t antecipated high volume traffic”. To me that is bullshit, because everybody knows augmented reality Pokemon would be hyped, and that is why they decided to release it by parts, and still servers sucked it.

    Same thing with GTA Online, every patch that drags people in to the game makes the servers shit, because people who didn’t play for a long time go back to see the changes, but as there is too much people doing this the “servers can’t handle”, every. single. patch.

  • Kev Lew

    a shame nintendo do not understand how to internet/network well. stock goes up because of things like this, zelda and amiibo then they ruin it with the hardware releases.