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Sony has ceased shipments of the Playstation TV within Japan according to an article by Dualshockers.

The entry for the product on the Japanese Playstation website now has the label “出荷完了” which translates to “end of shipments” or “shipment completion”. This is tantamount to a discontinuation of the product in the country.

Sales figures by Media Create from January 3, 2016 stated that the Playstation TV had moved 185,452 units in Japan since its launch in November 2013. The cessation of new shipments does not mean that the product is no longer available as there are still units available for purchase in stores and there is always the secondhand market to consider as well.

The Playstation TV (known as the Playstation Vita TV in Japan) is a standalone unit that allows you to play Vita games on a television. The Playstation TV’s greatest difficulty though was a lack of compatibility with many games as of the 1,196 titles released in the US for the Vita only 209 were compatible with the Playstation TV giving US titles a compatibility rate of just under 17.5%.  A large part of the reason for this was likely because the Playstation TV made use of the wirless DualShock 3 controller for an input method. However, the PS Vita has a touch screen and a rear touchpad which couldn’t be emulated by a Dualshock 3. This difference in input capabilities necessitated additional coding for PS Vita games to be compatible with the Playstation TV.

There’s not yet any word as to whether or not the product will be cancelled in Western markets as well.

Quick Take

The Playstation TV’s lack of compatability with over 80% of PS Vita games in the US speaks to poor planning on Sony’s part. If we use the US numbers as a barometer, it’s not really a surprise that the console didn’t do well when it only has access to 1/5th of the library of the PS Vita. The requirement for additional programming to work around core input methods of the handheld was likely a cost that most developers didn’t feel was worthwhile. Sony probably ought to have mandated support for the Playstation TV as a requirement for licensing to prevent this situation from happening.

Do you own a Playstation TV?  Do you think it was wise for Sony to not mandate Playstation TV support for PS Vita titles? What do you think this means for the Playstation TV and Vita going forward? Let us know in the comments below!

Robert N. Adams

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  • Lepito

    I like the Playstation TV. But then again, I got mine for 20 bucks and not 99 USD.

    Here is the problem I have with all Sony products: interesting idea, poor execution. Particularly with their handheld Playstations, Sony just completely drops the ball when they don’t seem to take into account the discrepancy between their apparent target demographic and the actual customer base who buys their products. Marketing the Vita as a portable companion to the PS4, or as a handheld with the capability to play “console” games might have worked in its first few years, but Sony clearly did not understand the audience sustaining the system with long-term sales, both in hardware and especially in software.

    This of course extends to how the Vita TV was designed and subsequently marketed as well. They built the Playstation Vita to have exclusive hardware features and then tried to make them compatible with their already existing console gamepad. Big mistake. They emphasized digital distribution with their new consoles and the download size of full games increased dramatically, but Sony made their proprietary memory prohibitively expensive. Huge mistake. They fought to have every PS4 game Remote-Play compatible pre-launch, then gave up when developers didn’t acquiesce. Unfortunate, but more unfortunate was the fact that Sony apparently put no effort into trying to solicit mid-size talent onto their niche console (the two things that go together like peanut butter and jelly), and due to wide criticism failed to market their streaming service (PS Now) with an emphasis on using devices like the PSTV, opting to centralize their efforts on the PS4 instead. The issue here is that instead of dividing its attention appropriately to each platform, Sony spread themselves thin across a variety of platforms that they didn’t put effort into sustaining, and then when all else failed retreated back to the one safe product. This is exactly the same thing that they did last generation with Playstation Mobile and the PSP — notice the similarities between that situation and today’s Playstation-certified TV (DoA market — who even cares that you can stream PS games when buying a TV?) and Vita.

    Every mistake that hurt the Vita had the unfortunate side effect of hurting the Vita TV, already a parasite of sorts to the Vita, that much more.

  • Dindu Nuffin

    Word to Sony; next time you release a handheld try not to RIP PEOPLE OFF with memory card prices.

    When large capacity superfast Class 10 SDHC’s cards cost a QUARTER of your shitty small proprietary cards… You know you’re taking the piss.

    I have PS Plus. I have well over ONE HUNDRED “free” Vita games credited on my account. But what’s the point if the cards to store them on cost more than my fucking house?


  • Dindu Nuffin

    This guy gets it.