Its about that time of the month where Sony announces its games for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and just in time for summer we’ve got a lineup of 6 games to help you not die in the heat.

First up on the PlayStation 4, you’ll be getting the cooperative zombie slaughter fest Killing Floor 2. In Killing Floor 2  you and 5 other players kill tons of zombies in one of the goriest games to come out in a while. Its also optimized for PS4 Pro with 4k resolution and other visual enhancements.

Up next on the PS4 is the hella exceptional episodic adventure game, Life Is Strange. After developer DONTNOD Entertainment recently announced its sequel its fitting that everyone gets a chance to check out the indie movie meets supernatural punk rock adventure game that gets much better after episode 1. This month’s offering includes all 5 episodes of Life Is Strange.
Life is strange chloe pointing gun at max
For Vita owners, you will be getting the aesthetically pleasing neon twin stick shooter, Neon Chrome and the stealth Puzzle game Spy Chameleon. Neon Chrome is a rogue-lite shooter featuring procedurally generated and destructible environments to compliment its cyberpunk look and soundtrackIn Spy Chameleon you will solve puzzles and use the environment as well as your ability to change colors to hide from enemies and most importantly, eat flies. These games feature PS4 cross buy.

Finally, for all your PS3 faithful you’ll be getting the gorgeous platformer adventure Abyss Odyssey and the dirt slinging racing sim, WRC 5: World Rally Championship. 

As always with Playstation Plus free games, you can avoid filling up your storage by adding them to your library, then download them at another time as long as you stay subscribed to Sony’s service.

How do you feel about this months batch of games?  Is Kate truly the best girl in Life Is Strange? Are you going to quit Playstation Plus forever because they once again didn’t offer Knack? What should they add next month?  Let us know in the comments below! 

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