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December is upon us next week and with it we are going to be getting a whole slew of free titles while you are subscribed to PlayStation Plus. Every month with PlayStation Plus free games you get to download a couple of titles to your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

This month for the PlayStation 4 gamers will be able to pick up some new takes on retro games. With Gauntlet: Slayer Edition you will head into the dungeons to face plenty of foes or you can also pick up King’s Quest – Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember. Be warned though there is an issue at the moment where if you download the free version of King’s Quest and then decide to get the season pass you will not have access to the bonus episode.

For the PlayStation 3 you can take to the world of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. If you enjoy campy action movies of the 80’s or recent parodies of that like Kung Fury then Blood Dragon is a game that you won’t wanna miss out on. Also for the PS3 is SSX the latest in the line of popular snowboarding games. Take on the mountain as you also get to learn new skills and even pick up cool equipment like ice picks and wing suits.

For the PS Vita the first of the games is Freedom Wars where you plan as a member of a penal city-state. You fight for your city against other players and monsters on the battlefield.  Rockedbirds: Hardboiled Chicken is also going to be free on the PlayStation Vita. This adventure platform game allows for you to take on enemies and solve puzzles. You get to play as Hardboiled Chicken, an agent who has been sent to kill Putzki the Penguin dictator.

What do you think of this months selection of free games? Are there any that you’ve been meaning to play? What game is on your PlayStation Plus wishlist this holiday?

Andrew Stretch

Events Coordinator

I have been playing all kinds of games for as long as I can remember with a particular interest in action adventure and platforming titles. While I am primarily an Xbox gamer I also spend a fair bit of time on the PS4 and on my PC in VR.

  • Galbador

    Seriously… this was the last time I pay for Playstation Plus. It’s not worth it, just garbade.

  • Daniel Pina

    Please stop saying the games are “Free”.
    The Instant Game Collection is a rental service and is part of a paid subscription.

    And yes, the PS4 has been getting terrible deals. It’s either glorified demos (single-levels) of AAA games or dozens of indies, most of which you could buy for peanuts in a humble bundle or similar.

  • Aeloth

    Completely agree. Ever since Sony got the lead this gen most of their services and offers have gone down the shitter. A shame.

  • Getting Gay With Kids

    What a shitty end to the year.

  • mbits

    So a game made by a bunch of SJWs or a bad Gauntlet remake that is $5 on Steam. Meh.

  • Andrew Stretch

    I use ‘free’ in the context of ‘Free while you have PlayStation Plus’
    In future PS+ articles I’ll be sure to highlight that you need to maintain your subscription otherwise you are unable to play the titles.

  • Galbador

    What game do you mean when you said “made by a bunch of SJWs”?