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As the official launch of PlayStation Now draws closer, one thing has remained exactly the same: the prices are still ludicrously high. This is not OK.

$5 for 4 hours of gameplay? Bad Sony.

When it was first announced, PlayStation Now, (from now on entitled as PS Now) was greeted with general optimism. In theory, it is a great idea: who doesn’t want to have a Netflix for video games? Sony looked like it was leading the way to a new type of thinking for the gaming industry, and it is definitely a market that has been relatively untapped, disastrous OnLive experiment aside. The previews were positive as well, with the performance cited as being as relatively solid, and gamers started to become excited for PS Now, myself included.

That was until the news broke that the prices were… high, to say the least.

Now I’m not saying that the prices as shown above are uniform, but for even with relatively ancient games like Saints Row 2, you have prices like this:

Really Sony? Really?

Saint’s Rows 2 came out in 2008. Let me say this again so it sinks in: Saint’s Rows 2 is nearly seven years old. Why are the prices so high?

Browsing on Ebay quickly shows that the physical copy of the game is going for 15 dollars. If you were to choose, what would you decide? $15 for a game that you only own for a limited amount of time, or $15 for a game that you will own for as long as you want? I think the choice is relatively easy.

Now I’m not saying that this system is fundamentally flawed. From all accounts, PS Now is something that could herald a new beginning for the industry as a whole. The interface is slick, there is little lag, and the selection is only going to grow. It’s only the exorbitant cost for renting a game that you will never own that is holding the service back at the moment.

To fix this, Sony should first lower their prices and at least double the amount of time for each rental period. $1 for an eight hour demo should be more then enough for people do decide if they wish to keep paying for it or not. Or even just include a free demo with each game. It’s being streamed, so I don’t really see the problem with providing a half-hour demo for players to try out the game before renting it. Better yet, why not a subscription service? I think people would be down for a $10-15 subscription per month. You could even set aside a few games for PS Plus subscribers to play each month, just like on the PS Store.

For all the kerfuffle about used games and talk of trying to get the best value for gamers, Sony sure seems to be nickel and diming consumers here, just like they infamously accused Microsoft of doing back at E3 ’13. Hmm…

Honestly, there are many ways to fix the prices on PS Now, and I am reasonably confident that they will be fixed by the time the Open Beta is concluded. I mean, it’s still Beta. Sony always makes the right decisions, right?

Beware the Giant Enemy Crab.

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Patrick Perrault

Staff Writer

Writer for TechRaptor, who hopes to gain valuable experience in a constantly changing industry.

  • Zepid

    I can rent a full game from Redbox for 2 dollars and I get 24 hours of game time. This pricing is absurd.

  • Fritzster

    The peasants are getting rowdy with their highway robbery.


    Sony is screwing this up so bad right now. I can pay $15 a month to Gamefly, and at play at least 4 new games a month. I can buy a game online at eBay or Amazon for less than what PSN is charging for someo games. Or go in person to GameStop and get a used game for $10 – 20. Some of the games that are up for rental can actually be bought at the PS Store for less than what it costs to “rent” a game for a week.Even worse, I have a fast internet connection that is directly wired to my PS4, and several hiccups like dropped frame rate still happen.

    If Sony can get those tech difficulties corrected, and change the fee system to one like Netflix (all the games you can play for $15 a month!), then maybe there can be hope for it yet.

  • Miguel Leiva-Gomez

    PS Now will easily go the way of the dodo bird if you can buy copies of games for the same price you can rent them for 90 days with.

  • RandomDev

    This is to be expected from Sony, they only care about money, the entire company not just the executives.

  • Rodney Moreland

    The prices do need to be worked on but I think the point that everyone seems to be missing is that with the Playstation Now version of the game, you can play that same game on your PS4, PS3, vita, and sony smartphones. You can’t do that if you just buy the game outright. If you buy it outright then you will ONLY be able to play on the system you bought it for.

  • Rodney Moreland

    My same response as above to you also. You can buy a copy of the game but it will only work on that system and no other. Playstation Now will allow you to play that same game on PS4, PS3, Vita, Sony Smartphones (soon to be others). They do need to work on pricing a bit and add an overall subscription price.

  • Wild in Wisconsin

    This is why I shook my head when people were showering praise on Sony when they basically made people cheer from the rooftops in favor of the status quo when they ribbed Microsoft for their even more ridiculous anti-consumer nonsense.

    They were just pandering to the crowds, biding their time and waiting for the next chance to screw people once everyone forgot that trainwreck so they could then sneak in with some bullshit that was slightly less egregious while keeping their fingers crossed for consumer apathy.