Sony Playstation 4 Unboxing

Aaron Blevins / November 18, 2013 at 12:00 PM / Gaming, Gaming Previews   /   Comments

With the next generation officially started with the Playstation 4 launch, I dive right in and give us an unboxing and a look at what comes in your box that you spend $400 on.

With a sleek design of a box, and easy access to the console, controllers and cords, Sony made it really easy for you to rip right into it and set up your Playstation 4.  The system itself is ultra sleek, controller feels great in your hands, HDMI and power cords (thank god for no power bricks!) and even threw in a headset as an added bonus!  The headset, even if it is of the cheaper quality, is a nice addition to hopefully see more people  communicating online, which was notably absent last generation.

As an added bonus a 30 Day trial of Playstation Plus (which is now required to play online multiplayer, but then again Playstation Plus is wonderful so you should have it anyways.  Sony also throws in a 30 day trial of their music service and $10 to add to your Sony Wallet!

From a package standpoint, and only being $400 I was highly impressed with what Sony was able to throw together!

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