Catmaze, a pixel art Metroidvania game “inspired by Slavic myths”, is coming to PC May 24th.

One-man developer Redblack Spade announced the date via press release, as well as a few details about Catmaze. The news was accompanied by a trailer, which you can check out here:

The trailer shows off some of the aesthetics and design of Catmaze, as well as its gameplay style. Catmaze is described by Redblack Spade as “a fairy Metroidvania inspired by Slavic myths”. The game sees players take control of Alesta, “a sorceress whose courage guides her through mysterious paths and dark forests” in her search for the Slavic underworld Nav. Alesta seeks Cat Bayn, a powerful feline who serves as “the link between the world of Yavi and the world of Navi”, in order to “change the balance” on behalf of her mother. Along the way, Alesta will encounter “mysterious creatures from Slavic myths” such as “geese, kikimor, anchutkas, and mermaids”.

Gameplay-wise, Catmaze wears its Metroidvania influence very much on its sleeve. Redblack Spade promises “a large open labyrinth of gloomy marshes, Slavic villages and centuries-old forests” for players to explore. The game has “respect for all traditions of the Metroidvania genre”, including allowing players to “return back in search of secret paths and acquire new skills”. Saving will only be possible at certain points, very much in the vein of Super Metroid and more recent evocations of the genre like Axiom Verge or Environmental Station Alpha. Players will be able to “customize the characteristics of Alesta to [their] individual style of playing”, as well as choosing from “a variety of familiars with unique abilities”.

Redblack Spade is the pseudonym of Slava Gris, a one-man development outfit based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Catmaze will be his second title, after dark puzzler Reflection Of Mine. The game releases on May 24th for PC and Mac.

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