Peggle 2 Review

Aaron Blevins / December 11, 2013 at 8:00 AM / Game Reviews, Gaming

Peggle 2 is one of those rare games that no matter what type of games you play, or if you rarely pick up a controller, playing this game will  challenge you and then put a smile on your face when you hit that last orange peg. Popcap and EA bring us the sequel to their acclaimed and successful casual puzzle game exclusively on the Xbox One.  Peggle 2 is a game designed for casual and hardcore gamers to both have a fun, yet challenging experience while giving us a clean and fun presentation.  As much I can try and recommend it to you to play, Peggle 2 is one of those games with so much charm you just have to experience it for yourself!

Peggle 2 is a casual puzzle game, best described as a Tetris/pinball/Pachinko/ Price is Right’s Plinko, where you shoot a ball from a turret,with the objective of taking out as many blue and orange pegs as you can, with the level ending once you hit all of the orange pegs. The physics of the ball help make the game fun for all ages to play while adding a bit of strategy if you chose to think about it.  Sure you can just launch the ball and hope it hits all your orange pegs, but there is nothing more satisfying that taking out a loop of pegs, while dropping onto another level and then catching the ball to give you another free ball.  And once you hit the last orange peg, that game makes sure you know what an awesome job you did with a celebration including fireworks, rainbows and  the Ode to Joy, or other songs depending on your choice of Peggle Master.


Peggle 2 brings back the fan favorite Bjorn the Unicorn and also introduces us to 4 new Peggle Masters, with each one having their own powerup that is activated once you hit the random green pegs. Bjorn’s power-up remains unchanged, he tells you where the trajectory of the ball goes after it hits a peg, Jeffry an Ogre who launches a Bowlder Ball at the pegs,  Berg the Yetti, who turns pegs into a game of pool where the pegs now slide on ice once hit, a gnome who builds a robot and can electrify your ball to make a chain links of hits, and Luna, who is a 6 year old Ghost girl who makes all the blue pegs transparent (ghost like) so you can only hit orange pegs.  Every one of these Peggle masters bring their own since of game play and once you beat all the original levels you can play through other character’s levels and use their powers to try and get a higher score.

Each Peggle Master has 10 different levels which also contain sub challenges such as score 750,000 points, end the level with 7 or more balls, etc; which adds a deeper level of challenge for those want to beat every aspect of a game.    Also included with the 60 levels are 60 trial levels, which offer a specific goal that must be achieved to end the level such as beating a level while Luna’s ghost power is on the whole time while scoring over a certain amount of points.

Multiplayer bring 4-players together with their own board (of the same level) their choice of Peggle Master, and gives you 10 shots to rack up as many points as you can, and after each shot, they present a leaderboard and how many points your oppents have scored. Seems like Popcap randomly added Multiplayer to the game, with the way it is executed. My first time trying Multiplayer out, I was put in a match with only 3 shots left, I was down by 100k.  Why would they put me in a match like that? In about 2/3 of the matches I played, they suffered from lag which takes away from the experience due to the ball slowly moving or just looking choppy.  Of course they will patch issues and there is also a Store “coming soon”, which hopefully doesn’t mean they are going to nickel and dime us for extra content.

Peggle 2 is a great and rewarding experience for gamers of all ages and even casual gamers.  Is it worth the $11.99? I’d say yes, especially if you enjoyed the first one.  It does feel more like an expansion than a full blown sequel considering there are no returning Peggle Masters, besides Bjorn or drastic changes to the gameplay (armored blocks which take two hits instead of one is the only significant change)  Despite a few issues with multiplayer, lack of leaderboards for levels, and the annoying recording clips when you hit a great high scoring shot (SERIOUSLY, it records almost a clip every couple minutes), Peggle 2 brings its addicting puzzle game to the next generation with new Peggle Masters, great level designs and pick up and play gameplay for all ages and skill sets.


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