At PC Gaming Show, Branden Greene, the titular PlayerUnknown, came on stage to talk about his game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and work with Bluehold. He talked about the game and revealed that they are working on developing climbing and vaulting over things – over things like fences. It will be dynamic so you can climb or vault over anything of a proper height and it has different animations.

Weather is coming to the game, and it changes the dynamic of the gameplay. Fog and weather will force a change to the game and reduce sniping there.

They showed off a new gun, with short to medium range focus with a bit of long range. Part of the 7.62 class, the OTS Groza, this was added because it’s ‘cool’ according to Greene.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will have modding support in the future, but right now they are focused on making it more stable. They revealed some maps they are working on by region like the Adriatic Sea, and a large 4x4km desert map. 3D Replays, with slow down and focused there on letting content creators do their things and things there like Machinima.

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