The Surge is a new game by Deck 13 and it’s a sci-fi action game from the developers of Lords of the Fallen.

While the aesthetic couldn’t be farther from it, this game is still inspired by the hard hitting combat of the SoulsBorne series as well as Deck 13’s previous title Lords of the Fallen.

Highlighted in this premiere video is a focus on Exo-Suits, with every character sunken into a large mechanical skeleton allowing them to hit hard and stylishly with a solid amountĀ of LEDs everywhere. The trailer is rapid fire and violent but light on information so until we learn more we’ll have to be happy with robot-men punching each other.

You can seeĀ some of the art for The Surge at their website which professes to be updating soon with more information. We’ll be bringing that info to you as it becomes available.

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