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It was only September 9 when The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition came to the PC for a list price of $59.99. Select retailers had previously put Gold on sale for as low as $39.99, but this week it’s going for much less with drop as low as 55% off to $26.79. The magic happens at GMG. There you’ll find the best price online from an authorized retailer on ESO keys, and unlike discounts in the past, you have no coupon codes to worry about. Just straight up instant savings without hoops to jump through. Not bad at all.

Of course, if you still want the Standard Edition it’s going for even less. GMG is selling Standard for $16.29, which is a good bit cheaper than the $39.99 you find elsewhere online, but the best place to pick up the standard edition is at DLGamer, who is selling it for $13.99.

That said, if you plan on playing loads of TESO, we’d recommend going for the Gold Edition, especially at this price point. Gold includes 4 DLC expansions that would otherwise cost you big bucks to upgrade to in the future. Upgrade options with the standard edition include the “Guilds and Glory” DLC pack which is a $40 purchase you can only buy through Zenimax. At the $26 price point, you may as well go for the “complete” experience up front vs buying it piecemeal.

Disclaimer: This deal post is from the crew at Dealzon. Sales at select retailers will help support TechRaptor. Our goal is to list noteworthy game and tech deals from across the web. Feedback? let us know in the comments below!


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  • FlamingoJet

    Got another deal link? That one is listed as Malvertising.

    Note: It’s the Gold edition link that is triggering the alert. The other one from DLGamer is just fine.

  • Hvd

    to bad the pc version is pretty much dead. pvp is a lag fest and a zerg fest.its so bad players are just dueling. plus the game is all about gear if you have the best gear sets you can 1vx.eso is not about skill.if you have more cp and better gear you will win.

  • Malvertising? That link goes to Dealzon’s site. The only difference to the one you posted above is that it has TechRaptor’s tracking code on it.

    There’s no malicious code in that link, and I’ll post it in full affiliated form here for all to see, or you can right click and copy yourself to see.

    Edit: Also OpenDNS and some AdBlockers are known to sometimes have issues with valid links. All links on this page go to the correct place, I can guarantee. If they don’t recommend checking DNS or AdBlockers.

  • I think its the advertising tracking that gets triggered as “malvertising”

    Some adblocks are more strict than others. Essentially that cookie tracks when/if a sale is completed and credits the site accordingly. There’s really no other way around unfortunately.

    If you want to check out the deal, just head to GMG’s site and search for Elder Scrolls Gold – the deal should last through the week.

  • FlamingoJet

    That might be what is triggering it. I’ll post the image here.

    This is the notice I’m getting, even with Ublock Origin turned off and whitelisted for Tech Raptor.

  • FlamingoJet

    I posted to Dealzon but this is the alert I get even with UBO whitelisted and turned off for Tech Raptor.

    Something is triggering it.

  • FlamingoJet

    You got put on the Malvertizing list by Disconnect.

    Perhaps one of your ad networks went astray for a bit and had malware or redirecting. The definition of Malvertising, as MalwareBytes defines it; is as follows;

    “What is malvertising?

    Malvertising, or malicious advertising, is the use of online
    advertising to distribute malware with little to no user interaction
    required. You could be researching business trends on a site and, without ever having clicked on an ad, be in trouble. A tiny piece of code hidden deep in the ad directs your computer to
    criminal servers. These servers catalog details about your computer and
    its location, and then select the “right” malware for you.”

    So, my guess is that is what happened.

    I am not accusing anyone of this nor am I attempting to cause trouble, only showing what I found and educating.

    Thanks for being so level-headed on this.

    Edit: Also, it is worth noting that Yes I do use Ublock Origin but I have it whitelisted for Tech Raptor. I still got the alert.

  • Interesting, because is the owner of or Commission Junction, a completely valid affiliate networking company that works with NewEgg, GamersGate, and hundreds of other major companies. Really wierd that they would be blacklisted like that!

  • Said this below too:

    Disconnect is definitely wrong here because is the owner of or Commission Junction, a completely valid affiliate networking company that works with NewEgg, GamersGate, and hundreds of other major companies. Really wierd that they would be blacklisted like that!

    It’s basically saying an affiliate tracker is malware, when it’s just a tracker/tracking cookie for an affiliate link. At least that’s what it looks like.

  • FlamingoJet

    Especially by Disconnect, of all people.

    My guess, something went rogue for a bit on the advertising side and it got flagged.

    I don’t have the means to contact these people, but I imagine one of you does. You should probably let them know as both Dotomi and CJ are showing up on the list.

    A simple tracker cookie, shouldn’t be being flagged. I have tracker cookies all over.

  • FlamingoJet

    I click on affiliate links from Amazon and other places all the time, I mean affliate linking is so common, and I don’t get this alert so someone should reach out and find out why they got blacklisted.

    This could be majorly cutting into their revenue.

  • Yeah, unsure. I took a look and Disconnect has a BUTT TON of sites blacklisted, so I guess I’m not surprised, although them blacklisting so many different affiliate revenue programs is really upsetting as that hurts us because people can’t whitelist our affiliate links.

    Now we have to deal with lost ad revenue, and lost affiliate revenue. :/

  • Amazon is blacklisted on their blocked trackers, as is skimlinks, viglink, and a number of other MAJOR affiliate link programs. It would explain why our affiliate revenue has dropped in certain areas…

  • FlamingoJet

    Which affiliate trackers do you use, so I can whitelist them?

    Isn’t Disconnect it’s own affiliate ad company or isn’t it owned by an ad company?

    At least you know why, I guess.

    Malvertising is a new term to me, I heard about it today. I still don’t get this alert from Amazon affiliate links and I went and checked quite a few from other sites I browse like Wirecutter for instance.

    So they are saying that affiliate linking is Malvertising? That doesn’t seem right.

    Edit: Is it worth trying to contact Disconnect about it? Here’s their info from the list UBO uses.

    Malvertising list by Disconnect
    # License: GPLv3
    # Contact: support [at] disconnect dot me

  • From what I understand Disconnect is a tracker blocking company, that lends out their services to ad blockers, but I only briefly looked into them.

    I’m honestly not sure why they’re saying it’s malvertising, especially for a company that’s been around for as long as dotomi and cj have been around for. These “privacy” companies are getting too pushy with their buzzwords they throw around to try and get more users :/

    Here’s the main urls we use for affiliate linking: / / / /
    Then a whole bunch that are direct links to retail sites with tracking code appended to the end of the link.

  • FlamingoJet

    That is what Disconnect does, but I believe they are owned by an advertising company but I might be incorrect.

    Well, it’s not just Disconnects term. Malware Bytes also defined it, I posted that somewhere below.

    I’m going to click on all of these and start white listing the domains.

    I’ll also report back and let you know just which ones are being blocked out of all of those you posted in your list.

    When it comes to tracking codes being at the end of links, I haven’t ever seen an alert for those, which is why I was confused because I check both the URL’s before I even mentioned my first post about Malvertising alert and I seen the tech raptor affiliate code appened on the url so I didn’t understand why it was being blocked.

    Hmm, anyways off I go to do this and sorry to have made a mess of your comments section. Can you merge it or something so it flows better? There’s a lot of repeated information and stuff but it’s still valid information.

  • Haha, it’s all good. If people read it, maybe they’ll learn something new 🙂

  • FlamingoJet

    As promised I am going through and seeing which are blocked and non-blocked by default by that popup and whitelisting them.


    1. CJ
    2. Dotomi
    3. Shrsl
    4. Shareasale


    1. Fave Co
    2. Skimlinks
    3. Amzn to
    4. Amazon
    5. Viglink

    It is worth noting again that simple urls that user your affiliate code or url bits, don’t trigger this flag. It only appears to be certain affiliate trackers.

    But there you go, my work is done here.

    I have you whitelisted.

    OK, I lied I did a bit more work.

    I found this thing about tracker that Disconnect does and doesn’t block and on this page is a way to give feedback about trackers being on the list and if you feel it is on the list by mistake.

  • Thanks for all the details, its quite interesting and you’re right – a simple tracker cookie shouldn’t be flagged as Malvertising so I wonder what happened there.

    I’d imagine the Commission Junction people have already went through the process to see if they can get it whitelisted.