The Limited Edition of Owlboy has had its release in the United States delayed due to U.S Customs.

According to a post by Soedesco, the games are ready for distribution but are being held up by U.S Customs for another four weeks.

The post would not elaborate on further details, other than that “the issue is currently being solved.” Soedesco has updated the Limited Edition’s release date for October 19th.

This is the third time Owlboy: Limited Edition has been delayed. The game, one of two physical releases of the previously digital-only title for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, was announced back in May for a July 13th release. Originally, the game was delayed due to Soedesco’s desire to release the game simultaneously worldwide to August. A further delay occurred for the North American versions of the game due to the various special items within the Limited Edition, which resulted in a “complex assembly and distribution process.”

owlboy limited edition switch version

The Switch Version of the Limited Edition. The PS4 version comes in a blue box.

Owlboy: Limited Edition is a short production run of only 6,000 copies worldwide, and will contain a whole slew of physical goodies. Along with a copy of the game, players who do purchase the Limited Edition will gain a physical copy of the games soundtrack, an Owlboy notebook and game manual, two collectible pins along with a pin box, two metal coins, and a sticker sheet. The game itself comes in a sleek colored box case, and will also come with a certificate of authenticity, complete with the numbered copy out of the 6,000 copies made available.

Owlboy: Limited Edition will be available for $69.99 once the game finally released on October 19th for the PS4 and  Nintendo Switch.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Will the Limited Edition finally see the light of day? Leave your comments below. 

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