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We are a day away from the Year of the Rooster Overwatch event in North America, so it’s no wonder that leaks for the new skins are still popping out of the woodwork. A leaked Chinese teaser for the event has been found on that gives a sneak peek at some of the many new skins we can expect in the event. I will translate the titles given to the skins, as well as other little details.

The following screenshots are taken directly from the Weibo video, so apologies for the low quality:

Mei Overwatch Moon God 902x448Mei’s skin is dubbed the ‘Moon God(dess)’. This is likely a reference to the Chinese mythological figure Chang’e, who resides on the moon with the Lunar rabbit (Mei’s robot Snowball has bunny ears in reference to the rabbit).

Overwatch Mercy Gold Skin 902x431Mercy’s skin is simply called the ‘Golden/Gold’ skin. It could be a skin with unique particle effects, or it is possibly a new Play of the Game. She is projecting the Chinese word ‘Fu’, which means ‘Prosperity’ in Chinese, in gold calligraphy. The word is traditionally hung in Chinese households during Chinese New Year to invite good fortune.

Overwatch Symmetra Qi Pao 902x430For Symmetra, she is wearing a Qi Pao, which is also the title of her skin. The Qi Pao, also known as the Cheongsam, was created in 1920s Shanghai as a stylish one-piece dress popular with socialites.

Overwatch 100 items 902x432Here the event boasts that there will be over 100 new items, which would include all the event sprays, player icons etc.

Overwatch Journey to the west skins 902x443

Roadhog, Reinhardt, Zenyatta, and Winston will receive skins that reference the Chinese literary classic Journey to the WestA clearer image of their themed skins was leaked earlier in the week.

Overwatch Journey to the west PosterZenyatta’s skin is of the Buddhist monk Xuanzang, who sets out on the Journey to the West to retrieve Buddhist scriptures from India to bring back to China. Winston’s skin is of the Monkey King Sun Wukong, Reinhardt is the sand demon Sha Wujing, and Roadhog is Zhu Bajie. All three are disciples of the monk, who guard and help him against the many demons and trials along the way. There is also elements of Chinese opera masks in the designs of some of the skins.

Overrwatch Event Golden Chicken 902x436The trailer ends on these words. Basically, they say a ‘new battle, the victor/brave gets the golden chicken’. These could just be a general description of the Year of the Rooster event as a whole, or possibly a hint about an event Brawl that involves…catching golden chickens?

Are you excited for the Year of the Rooster Overwatch event? Which new skin has got YOU hyped? Tell us in the comments below!

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